Two Friends We Want You To Know: Two Sheds and The Traditionist (videos and mp3s)

by Landry on June 26, 2009

**Two Sheds and The Traditionist are playing Spaceland tonight in LA with The Old Lumps & Line and Circle**


Undertow [mp3]

From the Sacramento scene, Two Sheds will sweetly rip your heart out and chew it up with John’s unbelievably deep and groovy bass lines and Caitlynn’s beautiful beautiful voice. Did I mention her voice is beautiful? Seriously. Awesome songwriting. Killer people. Amazing all the way around. And they’re playing tonight in LA at Spaceland!!

CLICK HERE for Two Sheds’ live Luxury Wafers Session with video and 5 songs in takeaway mp3 format.

Two Sheds – Mama – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

traditionist_04The Traditionist, Live @ Chessvolt Studios in Los Angele


No Self Portrait [mp3]

Joey Barro (The Antiques) is The Traditionist. He, too, is playing Spaceland tonight with Two Sheds. Yearning in a wheedling mellow way and quite Neil Young-esque, Joey’s more apt to make your heart ooze. His music evokes comfortable intimacy, as though he has welcomed you into his apartment, fluffed the pillows on his big cozy couch for you and spread out a humble yet tasty and satisfying banquet before you. It’s a warm, friendly, slow-burn love.

CLICK HERE for The Traditionist’s live Luxury Wafers Session with video. CLICK HERE for the Session on iTUNES.

The Traditionist – A Sleep Be Told – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

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