Cassettes Won’t Listen: Into the Hillside; Freeze and Explode Video plus Cutting Balloons Mp3 and The Sidewalk Cruise Mp3

by Landry on July 15, 2009

Cutting Balloons [mp3]

The Sidewalk Cruise [mp3]

Cassettes Won’t Listen is the solo brainchild of Jason Drake. The New York-based multi-instrumentalist and producer created Cassettes Won’t Listen in 2004, complete with fictional personas for each instrument he incorporated into his new endeavor, the latest in a heap of musical monikers he has realized over the years. He introduced the “band” (Kid Lucci on vocals/ lead guitar, Doc Torchaos on bass, Jeh Walker on vocals/ guitar and Drehke on synth/ programming) to cyberspace via the label he co-founded, Dope Lotus Records. Drake amassed a fan base and critical acclaim upon the release of Cassettes Won’t Listen’s EP Nobody’s Moving, convincing all that the sound was the workings of a full band. He reasoned that the live show was put on hold as the band was tucked away in the studio, hard at work on their debut LP. – bio via Dope Lotus Records.

Cassettes Won’t Listen now calls sunny Los Angeles home. His latest record, an instrumental called Into the Hillside, is self-released on Drake’s Dope Lotus Records.

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