I Was Totally Destroying It: Negative Agents (mp3), The Witch Riding Your Back (mp3)

by Landry on July 17, 2009

Negative Agents [mp3]

The Witch Riding Your Back [mp3]

I’ll admit I’m effusive by nature. True. But I’ll also admit up front that I happily receive a regular flow of wildly diverse music submissions, not all of which fully strikes my fancy. I listen to everything. Most often I’m prepared to give songs more than one spin. Sometimes it takes a minute to get into the music.

Not the case here. Bamm, I Was Totally Destroying It smashed me with fresh, strong pop-pleasure right off the bat. I love these guys! No question about it, I’m blown away by their tight, engaging, refreshing sound. Lead singer, Rachel Hirsh, goes unpretentious, full-force, spot-on. Bandmembers James Hepler, John Booker, Curtis Armstead and Joe Mazzitelli equally kill.

Get hooked on the songs above. If you’re in North Carolina, check out their live show. Definitely keep your ears peeled for IWTDI.

“Hailing from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I Was Totally Destroying It (IWTDI) have been swinging sledgehammers at barriers since early 2007. Can a band whose ages span seventeen years demonstrate the chemistry to keep them cohesive? Can a band toe the line between mainstream palatability and indie-rock influence while appealing to a wide range of audiences? Can a bumblebee overcome the ratio of its wing span to its mass and produce enough lift to take flight? We now know that the answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES!”Greyday Records

IWTDI limited edition 12″ vinyl out 10/13/09

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