Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Oh No, Oh My, Live@Chessvolt Studios with Video and Mp3s

by Landry on July 10, 2009

oh-no-oh-my_08_luxury-wafersOh No, Oh My comes from Austin.

Listening to their music is easy.

Like reading an “I Can Read” book with your favorite 3-year-old (or in your favorite 3-year-old frame of mind). Remember Syd Hoff’s Stanley or Danny and the Dinosaur? Oh No, Oh My bears a similar hallmark of endearing simplicity.

The foursome (Greg Barkley, Joel Calvin, Daniel Hoxmeier and Tim Regan) plays skin-softening, mellow indie rock tunes in an agreeable blend of flavors that go down smooth. Pleasant chord progressions, gentle effects embellishments, alternating lead singers, bandmembers who share instruments – this is the mood. No one overpowers another. Nothing jolts. The delivery is low-key. Please, though, I’m not saying Oh No, Oh My is boring. Oh no. All the right parts are there – the ups, downs, hooks and refrains. And to say they are great songwriters would mild-mannered of me. Profound simplicity is no elementary achievement. I am saying Oh No, Oh My is nice and enjoyable. Unlike being smashed in the skull with a ripping guitar solo. More like a body tempurature swimming pool mid-summer that invites an effortless sliding into.

Farewell to All My Friends flairs folk-rock style, ala The Wonder Years. I Painted Your House and A Walk in the Park conjure REM wearing “it’s all good”. Wham Bam Thank You Space Man is the edgy tune in the bunch, softened by the sounds of singing saws or spaceship communication. The Boy With An Anchor bears punchy cartoon character while describing profoundly universal Middle-America sentiments, “I try to write I try to love but all my life I’ve failed at both.”

Oh No, Oh My – The Boy With An Anchor – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the Exclusive Live Tracks (option/click to download):

I Painted Your House [mp3]

Walk In The Park [mp3]

Farewell To All My Friends [mp3]

You Were Right [mp3]

Summer Days [mp3]

Wham Bam Thank You Space Man [mp3]

Oh No, Oh My just toured a Texas leg with Au Revoir Simone. Stay tuned for more. Their latest 5-song EP: Dmitrij Dmitrij.

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