Neon Indian Releases Psychic Chasms on Lefse Records; Deadbeat Summer, Terminally Chill + more mp3s

by Landry on July 3, 2009

Deadbeat Summer [mp3]

Terminally Chill [mp3]

Mysterious Texas/NewYork dreampop collaboration, Neon Indian recently signed to very cool boutique label, Lefse Records, with whom he’ll release the 12-track debut, Psychic Chasms, October 13, 2009.

From the label: “Orbiting around the themes of drug induced heartbreak, weary afternoons, and lost chances, this music provides a lush soundtrack to the deadbeat exploits of teenage ennui.”

Deadbeat Summer opens lusciously full, Passion Pit style. Even so, Neon Indian relies on the jaggedly weird, chainsaw grinds, squeaky rubber ducky lines and simple lyrics wrapped up in a skippy hopscotch confection. Terminally Chill is XTC’s Skylarking french kissing The Human League’s Don’t You Want Me on the boardwalk at Venice Beach.

5 of the 12 tracks have been floating about here and there.

GorillavsBear hosted the psych-gazer, Should have taken acid with you (…and told my parents that i’m staying with you….I feel him on this. Nobody wants to miss out on the fun) and 6669 (i don’t know if you know) HERE.

Listen to Local Joke here, at Obscure Sound. Synthy sounds with a high-pitched, off-kilter freewheel constantly rotating in the background, lakeside, of course, reflect shiny fireworks in the pitch night sky overhead. I suppose this one’s perfect for the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend.

Neon Indian’s soaring into outer space. Worth a grab on the starry tail for a tripped-out ride.

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