Pitchfork Music Festival 2009, Day One: Tortoise, Yo La Tengo, Jesus Lizard, Built to Spill

by Landry on July 18, 2009

Bobby Cardos here in Chi-town for the Pitchfork Music Festival 2009. Unfettered by obligations, I’m kicking it with my brother (responsible for these pictures) and sister, hanging in Grant Park and deciding Chicago gives the uppercut to NYC pretty decisively.

Tortoise, Pitchfork 2009

Prepare Your Coffin [mp3] – Tortoise

The festival grounds started to fill up post-Tortoise‘s set. By the end of Yo La Tengo, there was barely enough space to maneuver the ball field. Jesus Lizard brought the visceral portion of the evening’s audience interaction with lewd banter (Q: “Why does a good lick its own asshole?” A: “Because it likes the taste of my sperm”). Built to Spill played 80 minutes straight through until sound curfew.Yo La Tengo, Pitchfork 2009

Having seen Jersey’s Yo La Tengo a handful of times, I’ve come to the conclusion that watching Ira semi-awkwardly get intensely into playing a-la the “Sugarcube” music video is one of my favorite sights. These guys were also obvious choices for the whole “Write the Night” concept, as the three are very unassuming and enthusiastic music lovers, seemingly more than happy regardless of what they’re playing. Honestly, when Ira announced they were deviating from the “Write the Night” M.O., my first thought was they they were going to tap into their extensive repertoire of covers rather than “Periodically Double or Triple,” from the forthcoming album Popular Songs.

By the way, toy baby waving seems to Yo La Tengo, Pitchfork 2009be the independent music fan’s festival response to the foam thumb. Other expressive flashes sighted were plastic flashing light sabres and political posters.


Bobby Cardos currently attends FordhamUniversity in Bronx, NY. Outside of literature and music, he enjoys the cooking and eating delicious foods and reciting quotes no reasonable person would bother to remember.

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