Something Fun: Raashan Ahmad, Soul Power; Lambada mp3

by Landry on July 20, 2009

Lambada [mp3]

From Raashan Ahmad‘s collection of ealy 2009 recordings with various artists, Soul Power.

Soul Power Track List
1. Mobstar Life – Produced by Woodstock
2. Move – feat. Aceyalone produced by Kas One
3. Stay – Produced by Raashan Ahmad
4. Soul Train – feat. Wafeek/Ragen Fykes Produced by Ebo
5. Breath – feat. Aima Produced by Kas One
6. Lambada – Produced by Headnodic/Kat O1O/Raashan Ahmad
7. Day after Day – Produced by Stefonix
8. Celebrate – Produced by Headnodic
9. Fairy Tale – feat. Ragen Fykes Produced by Headnodic
10. Money – feat. Alex Newman Produced by Kas One
11. Cornbread – Produced by D.J. Enki
12. Patience – Produced by Stefonix cuts by D.J. Vajra
13. Oakland – Produced by Kat O1O
mixed/mastered or generally loved up “at the last damn minute” by my homie headnodic.

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