Summer Re-Treat: Heartless Bastards, Out At Sea (mp3), Exclusive Live Track

by Landry on July 21, 2009

Out At Sea [mp3]

“Wennerstrom’s attitude remains intensely torrential, yet her furnace burns even hotter internally, resulting in heavy wrath and a down vibe as weighty as an antique deep sea diver’s suit.

All this from a tiny feminine package riddled mysteriously with bursts of testosterone – a figure who, in person, emits delicate fragility. There’s no nibbling at Heartless Bastards. No sauntering over to peek at the geographical layout. To embark on a Heartless Bastards listening journey, be prepared to plummet into otherworldly disorientation.”

Now go visit the Exclusive Heartless Bastards Live Session Post. There’s more, if you can handle it. Intense. Awesome. Mp3s and Video, too!

<Thanks for the head’s up and suggestion, Scott David Bednar>

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