These United States, I Want You To Keep Everything (mp3) from Upcoming Album

by Landry on July 8, 2009

theseunitedstates_02We’re ecstatic to share the first mp3 from These United States‘ next upcoming album, Everything Touches Everything (United Interests, 9/1/09).

I Want You to Keep Everything [mp3]

These United States are on fire! Everything Touches Everything will be the 3rd full-length out from the band in 18 months, and this 1st-offered song indicates the Lexington/DC group of 5 are fully rocking with deliciously plump urgency at the top of their game.

Now I’ll boast a bit and tell you we are super-psyched to have These United States as our guest for a live Luxury Wafers Session tomorrow! Wee-haw!

Click Here to view their juicy Honor Amongst Thieves video (plus mp3).

Buy These United States @ Amazon.

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