Dawes visits Luxury Wafers, Releases North Hills on ATO, Tours with Langhorne and Generally Melts the Studio with Rich Americana Soul

by Landry on August 13, 2009

When My Time Comes [mp3]

I’m sitting in the studio right now with Dawes. They’re recording Western Skyline at the moment for their Live Luxury Wafers Session. A liitle ragged from last night’s show at the Echo, Dawes’ lead singer, Taylor Goldsmith, is about to lose the right-arm sleeve on his ripped button down and harbors a huge hitchiking splinter in his right thigh, but the look on his face belies any possible internal ruggedness – Goldsmith raises his eyebrows savoringly in response to a fine guitar riff, lifts his chin and draws the licks and rich vocal harmonies deep down where they appear to brush his soul.

Dawes is a local crew: Taylor and drummer Griffin are brothers who grew up with piano player, Tam, in Malibu. Wylie on bass lived around the corner in Pacific Palisades. They all moved out to the San Fernando Valley (the North Hills, to be exact) together for inspiration and to live in Wylie’s house (a little more affordable than their native digs). Hence the title of their upcoming release, North Hills (ATO Records,9/29/09).

I highly recommend you go out to the Echo if you’re anywhere near LA and see Dawes on a Wednesday night in August (only 2 left, folks). They’re super engaging, delivering unfailing harmonies, mature, substantial songwriting and a perfectly plump bass anchor. Don’t fret if you can’t get out to see them next week – they’re about to hit the road with Langhorne Slim.

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