Fruit Bats: The Ruminant Band; Title Track mp3 + My Unusual Friend mp3

by Landry on August 17, 2009

photo by Annie Beedy

My Unusual Friend [mp3]

The Ruminant Band [mp3]

Spreading a grand, warm, happy full-band vibe, Fruit Bats make reveling in joy attractive and satisfying. Not sappy.

Leading Fruit Bats, now a group of 5, Eric D. Johnson makes a practice of sonically looking to the good. It totally works.

My Unusual Friend captures bliss and immerses the listener in fullness of heart. It appeals to me like I imagine kids in NYC feel in aggravating heat when the neighborhood fire hydrant suddenly spews.

The Ruminant Band boasts Allman Brothers flavor embellished with exquisitely stirring vocals ala Robert Plant (oh, gush).

From the label: “Using bright melodies, defiantly major-key chord structures, natural imagery mixed with the occasional blazing insight and tender observation, the Fruit Bats have never shied away from darkness, but more uncommon in this day and age, they’ve refused to shy away from light.”

On a big tour, Fruit Bats will visit LA on August 26th at Club Spaceland. Click Here to link to Fruit Bats’ full tour schedule.

The Ruminant Band Tracklist:

  1. Primitive Man
  2. The Ruminant Band
  3. Tegucigalpa
  4. Beautiful Morning Light
  5. The Hobo Girl
  6. Being on Our Own
  7. My Unusual Friend
  8. Singing Joy to the World
  9. The Blessed Breeze
  10. Feather Bed
  11. Flamingo

Buy The Ruminant Band (8/4/09, SubPop).

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