Jack Penate, Everything is New, Tonight’s Today mp3

by Landry on August 3, 2009

Tonight’s Today [mp3]

Young Brit-pop sensation, Jack Penate, (Matinee) comes back at us with a sophomore album, Everything is New, rife with current ambient/soul experiments, out 8/18/09 on XL.

Penate’s a catchy songwriter and his unaffected, natural accent enchants like sweet honeysuckle in the wild. The first track of the album opens bold with horns and a stir akin to fellow Brit, Rick Astley, from the late 80′s. Past the first track, Penate plays with layers and infectious groove (Every Glance), combines cool backward-talk-sounding effects with clear, simple touches (Body Down), cuts loose in wise falsetto with punk refrain (Let’s All Die) and mixes it up from song to song, always keeping the energy high and inserting a memorable, sing-along chorus. Even the super-danceable title track aligns with thoughtful writing and the overall substantiveness of the record.

Grade A. Penate comes across as intelligent, unassuming, hard-working creative artist blessed with a beautiful voice and a welcoming demeanor. He seems like a guy who’d be comfy to hang with over coffee and smokes, and his songs give the feeling of hanging out with a close friend of whom you don’t tire.

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