Lefse Records Free Compilation: Neon Indian, Tape Deck Mountain, A Grave With No Name, Friend, Emily Neveu, The Traditionist and a Whole Bunch More

by Landry on August 14, 2009

Lefse Badass Compilation [zip]

Our buddies over at Lefse Records have generously offered up a Free digital compilation for your listening pleasure. They’re calling it Fall/Winter 2009. As I’m reluctant to give over to cold gusts and gray skies, I’d rather think of it as a badass collection of songs that will continue to deliver sun-drenched summery goodness all the way through spring and beyond.

Focused generally on digital brilliance plus some singer/songwriter fun, the collection includes one of my favorite Neon Indian tracks, Should Have Taken Acid With You; plus a killer, crisp-rocking track from Tape Deck Mountain, In The Dirt; fucking amazing Emily Neveu (solo and with Calico Horse); a honey sweet song from The Traditionist; and Friend‘s strangely awesome What Is It.

Folks complain about the traffic here in LA. This goodie makes me want to get into my car for about an hour of undisturbed listening time. Check out a taste of splashy-wet, salty seabird shoreside happiness from the compilation below:

Open Water [mp3] - A Grave With No Name

For nifty descriptions of each song straight from the label’s mouth, click HERE.

1. My Summer As A Salvation Soldier ‘activismV2′
2. A Grave With No Name ‘Open Water’
3. The Silent League ‘Here’s a Star’ (Neon Indian remix)
4. Emily Neveu ‘Swallowing a Swallow’
5. Friend ‘What Is It’
6. Calico Horse ‘Ivory’
7. The Traditionist ‘Three Legged Dog’
8. Giant Ears ‘Fake Hotel’
9. Julian Lynch ‘Two Babes in the Woods’
10. Julian Lynch ‘Onward Flour’
11. Boddicker ‘Your Smart’
12. My Summer As A Salvation Soldier ‘Monuments’
13. Tape Deck Mountain ‘In the Dirt’
14. Neon Indian ‘Should Have Taken Acid With You’
15. Cuckoo Chaos ‘Slowly Counting Down to Nothing’
16. Phaseone ‘Marty & Sonietta’
17. Phaseone ‘(Only) Reprise’
18. Sunnybrook ‘Willow Whale’

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