Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Butterfly Boucher, Live@Chessvolt Studios with video and mp3s

by Landry on August 3, 2009

butterfly-boucher_08_luxury-wafersAustralian powerhouse Butterfly Boucher is no mamby-pamby singer/songwriter. Butterfly’s her actual given name. And though she’s small and quite attractive, she rocks an authentic badass vibe like a tigress. Lovely, versatile, down-to-earth company, Butterfly’s the gal I’d take with me on a cross-country motorcycle/backpacking adventure dotted by visits to grungy roadhouses as well as intimate, erudite art openings.

In the studio with us, Butterfly finished her live set with a striking acoustic version of past favorite, Another White Dash, after a handful of poignant, vulnerably strong, Beatle’s influenced songs from her newest album, Scary Fragile (Nettwerk).

It’s easy to comfortably drown in the beautiful dark pool of Butterfly’s laser-focused, trance-inducing voice in her acoustic title track, Scary Fragile. I Found Out weaves tenderness with rock’n'roll, hooking with a very personal representation of the universal theme of the power of authenticity. I Can’t Make Me surprises, a truthful gem of a painful love song.

Butterfly is stunning, a little on the sad side at times, barking wild at others. She’s intense. Scary Fragile‘s songs feel like a necessary expression, like a torrent of rain releasing from a fat cumulonimbus that’s been collecting for a long time. They’re fantastic and penetrating. And as much as I like a good rain, I’m also already eager for the potential clearing of sunnier weather songs ahead.

Butterfly Boucher – Gun For A Tongue – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the Exclusive Live Tracks (option/click to download):

Another White Dash [mp3]

Scary Fragile [mp3]

I Found Out [mp3]

For the Love of Love [mp3]

I Can’t Make Me [mp3]

Click HERE for the review of Butterfly’s album, Scary Fragile.

Buy Scary Fragile.

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