Luxury Wafers Exclusive: French Miami, Live@Chessvolt Studios with Video and Mp3s

by Landry on August 30, 2009

french-miami_22_luxurywafersSupercoiled intensity. San Francisco’s French Miami packed in a maelstrom to the studio for their live Luxury Wafers Session. We’d already been listening to their gems at damagingly high volume before they arrived and digging the stir of internal storms they inflamed, but we had no idea how much fun French Miami would be in person or to what proportion the searing energy of the trio, Roland, Jay and Chris, would grow.

Ritalin poster children, Roland Curtis (the dark haired, evil genius on guitar and keys) and Jason “Jay” Heiselmann (the blonde Dr. No – according to a very precise “Which Mad Scientist Are You” quiz I took the liberty to complete on behalf of the artist – on keys, guitar and vocals) set up head to head and frentically checked knobs, strings, gauges and what have you (as in preparation for a dangerous flight), just before utter pandemonium broke loose. Chris Crawford, less obviously wound in external presentation, took the throne rather quietly and then commenced to whomp and wail in a fantastic frenzy on the Ludwig kit.

The result was intentional bedlam. Wonderful, planned chaos. French Miami incited a mini-riot in the living room of our studio.  Performing live, Jay and Roland looked like their heads might just pop off at any minute if it weren’t for the blasts of tight energy let off through words and instrumental moves. Chris was just going wild like an un-caged beast. And while these guys are utterly, monstrously outta their minds, truth be told, all the fun and havoc wreaked was carefully planned, crafted and masterfully executed. A happy indicator of many assaultingly energetic live shows and crystalline recording performances to come. French Miami describes their self-titled debut album as “seminal”. I’d say it’s a pretty good bet to keep your eyes and ears open for what the band will continue to develop in the future.

French Miami – The Goddamned Best – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the Exclusive Live Tracks (option/click to download):

Multi Caliber Rifles [mp3]

SFO [mp3]

Science Fiction [mp3]

Buy French Miami as a digital download. Buy French Miami CD (Take Root Records, 9/15/09).

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