Luxury Wafers Exclusive: These United States, Live@Chessvolt Studios with Video + Mp3s

by Landry on August 25, 2009

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Fresh faced from a day’s video shoot which apparently involved a shaving scene, perhaps a bit of hair-cutting and some fingernail polish, flanked by a few down-to-earth good friends and juiced on special red liquid fuel, These United States visited Luxury Wafers on a recent round through LA.

Self-dubbed “Cumulonimbus wordpop for the jangly railyard dreamer,” These United States flows fairly straight-ahead with smart, Kentucky Fried Rock. Profuse and significant lyrics slide from leader Jesse Elliot’s mouth seemingly of their own accord, a natural phenomenon the likes of heat waves rising from midsummer pavement in a scorched desert town. The band gathers round, creating a joyful, triumphant, we’re-in-this-together swell of emotion. The sound: “This is what it feels like to be alive.” Even though the bunch was worn from travels and hijinx and a schedule as tight as a wool sweater that’s been run through the dryer, these live recordings from their brief stop at Luxury Wafers bear amazingly rich sound, true to the big picture These United States looks to uphold and to the big energy they emit. Prolific and touring like crazy, These United States is cruising at the top of their game and flying fast.

West Won builds to steady epic stature, abounding with lyrical historical references plus a curious hybrid range of musical influences from spaghetti western flick soundtrack to U2. Study the Moon glows country warm with a hazy-sweet sound along the lines of a love story at first blush. Pleasure & Pain hints at new millenium Grateful Dead-ness, which suits them, a band completely immersed in the music and steadily growing symbiosis with hungry and devoted fans. Kings & Aces energetically rocks like a roadtrip through the band’s namesake in faded denim, tractor caps and boots. With whiskey. Everything Touches Everything, the title track from These United States’ newest album, surprises with a jerkier, poppier rhythm. A fun twist with upliftingly goosebump-evoking lyrics: “We’re going out with our hearts strapped across our chests,” and “It is breathtaking just to be here.”

Check out the band’s tour dates and go see them live.

These United States – I Want You to Keep Everything – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the Exclusive Live Tracks (option/click to download):

West Won [mp3]

Study the Moon [mp3]

Pleasure & Pain [mp3]

Kings & Aces [mp3]

Everything Touches Everything [mp3]

Buy Everything Touches Everything (9/1/09, United Interests).

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