Nurses: Apple’s Acre out now, Technicolor (mp3)

by Landry on August 25, 2009

Technicolor [mp3]

Apple’s Acre from Portland group, Nurses, has arrived, and it’s available for your listening pleasure in its entirety, courtesy of Dead Oceans – 10 titillating tracks for less than a pair of socks at the department store, less than a round of Starbucks. Whatever, it’s worth it. An aural gift that will keep on giving.

Nurses is touring nonstop now through November, landing twice in LA at the Echo.

Technicolor is the first track on the album. Click HERE for an earlier Nurses post with Caterpillar Playground (mp3).

Buy Apple’s Acre. Nurses’ songs are refreshingly light, playful and good natured. Call ‘em psych-pop if you like. Just don’t miss them.

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