Ola Podrida’s Belly of the Lion, Your Father’s Basement (mp3)

by Landry on August 29, 2009

Your Father’s Basement [mp3]

David Wingo’s 2nd album as Ola Podrida, Belly of the Lion, is coming to us soon, not soon enough, via Western Vinyl (11/10/09).

This is Love with a capital L.

I can hardly wait for the whole affair. Your Father’s Basement enthralls sonically and vibes with warmth from a fair distance. Listen more closely for the best lyrics ever that will surely emotively grab listeners anywhere from eight to a hundred eight. Wingo nails the juicy adolescent heart of innocent desire I hope to personally keep alive as long as I have a pulse.

From the label: “The album sounds so organic and well-balanced, it’s hard to believe Wingo wrote and recorded most of it alone in his apartment. Rather than creating overwrought studio jams, Wingo’s years of recording soundtracks seem to have taught him how to record a rock record using the perfect amount of restraint, while still delivering rich guitar textures that compliment his unforgettable vocal melodies and magnify the impact of his abstract narratives.”


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Your Father’s Basement
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