Ooh, Timber Timbre from Toronto. Listen.

by Landry on August 25, 2009

Demon Host [mp3]

We’ll Find Out [mp3]

Just heard 4 of the 8 songs from Timber Timbre’s self-titled record (Arts&Crafts, 6/30/09). He’s consistently resonant, extending eerie invitations through hauntingly velvet vocals and sparse yet large sound.

Timber Timbre (aka Taylor Kirk) sings kinda creepy songs full of descriptive scenes focusing on the theme of death. I can’t tell if he is the killer or the killed, if he’s directing the subject toward another who stalks or toward death as a stalker itself. I wonder if his obsession is theatrically enhanced. Maybe Kirk’s obsession is an authentic drive and he and his music feel welcoming because he has no conscience. Contemplating this is disturbing, especially in conjunction with the photos (and upcoming tourdates) of Timber Timber gigging in church. I guess in essence Kirk fucks with that which is regarded as sacred – and gets away with it.

Back in July, Toronto blog Sound Salvation Army wrote an enthusiastic piece about Timber Timbre called Songs To Murder Your Lover By. I thought this was a bit extreme at first, as the overall vibe of Timber Timbre’s songs originally appealed to me as clear and attractive. Now I’m confused. Should we be scared?

Listen. Buy the record. Go find out for yourself in person. Click HERE for a list of fall tour dates in the US and Canada. Timber Timbre plays the Silverlake Lounge in LA 9/17/09. Part of the Fold, this joint regularly books good acts, but it’s iffy for sound quality. I’ve heard great musicians sound just okay in there. Perhaps the venue will add to the spooky factor. What the hell – why not get brave and go out. Maybe not a bad idea to take along a silver dagger or protective mantra just in case….

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