Shuta Hasunuma, Pop Ooga Plus, Power Osci (mp3)

by Landry on August 12, 2009

Power Osci [mp3]

Happy and bright, like cherry blossoms in springtime and a friendly breeze, or the way sunlight feels in the afternoon when seasons change, Shuta Hasunuma’s Pop Ooga (Plus) songs float along wondrously happy, brightly embodying and evoking childlike awe.

Bonus: Every month through December 2009, Shuta Hasunuma is offering one new track, free for download, at his website, HERE. This month’s is Pink Frog. The artist gives a brief description of instruments used to make the recording and displays some nifty artwork, too.

Buy Pop Ooga.

Buy the Double Vinyl, Pop Ooga Plus (with an extra, whistley-nice track).

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