Yo La Tengo: Popular Songs (9/8/09, Matador); Here to Fall, Periodically Double or Triple (mp3s)

by Landry on August 29, 2009

Here To Fall [mp3]

Periodically Double or Triple [mp3]

Review by Benham Jones

Excepting the three epic closers that account for more than half of the record’s length, Yo La Tengo’s forthcoming Popular Songs (Matador, 9/8/09) is a sweet little listen that moves quicker than a jukebox full of your best friend’s quarters.  And “jukebox” is the perfect frame for a listen spiked with so many tasty musical references and style allusions, cleverly milking the anticipation of an all-request song roll at a Wednesday night happy hour.  The record kicks off with Here To Fall, a spacegazey delight driven by zero-gravity organ pulse and accents from Ira Kaplan’s aquatic wah.  As a single, it shoots the moon for that Nigel Godrich-Serge Gainsbourg collaboration that exists only in the wettest of dreams, layering sharp and cinematic strings over an open-toned, single-mic’ed drum kit.  The sound gets less dense from there but no less fun, with Georgia Hubley’s breathy Nico-ness …Please CLICK HERE to continue reading the full review.

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