DD/MM/YYYY: Black Square Album Review, Cassette Release Tour, Digital Haircut (mp3)

by Landry on September 8, 2009

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Digital Haircut [mp3]

Punk-pop-metal, laden with hues of Metallica and even Jane’s Addiction, this song is a hard, alternately cacophonic and harmonic, adrenalin spiking, heart-stopping, jagged jumping, spraying, thumping aural assault.

We like it.

We’re stoked to have the Toronto bunch, DD/MM/YYYY, in the studio to slay and play in early October when they visit LA.

Tomas Del Balso, Jordan Holmes, Matt King, Mike Claxton and Moshe Rozenberg are all about open exploration in making music, citing inspiration from  Frank Zappa to video games.

Black Square aptly demonstrates the band’s raging diversity. Opening with Bronzeage, DD/MM/YYYY pulses with punk urgency weighted by heavy bass and driven by tasty drums and far-off, call-and-response vocals. No Life proves similarly chaotic, just not as fast, suddenly dropping off a cliff not far past two minutes. Lush guitars flow in They, altering the album scenery to a plump park afternoon enhanced by dreamy synth effects and lulling vocals. Infinity Skull Cube bridges dreamworld to the next, moving from blur to stark clack of sticks on a hard surface, incorporating heavy bass keys sound and a collage of jerky voices. It pounds, highlighting killer rhythmic twists and turns. My Glasses then offers a minute of high resonant humming – perhaps singing bowls or a scene from Space Odyssey. Right into Birdtown, a shift to dramatic, jazz-influenced, minor-keyed, instrumental wonder. Super nice. Sirius continues jazzy, quick and big, hinting toward King Crimson and ending with interesting noise…..that pushes right into Lismer, the sound of flies buzzing, a sick and twited modern Black Flag kind of rot. Real Eyes blends hurry, drums that sound like beating metal pans and slurry vocals into a hypnotizing seranade in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. $50,000 Guitar Head, luckily named, goes instrumental with cool samples. I’m Still In The Wall drones high freq in an exhausting, head-pounding circle. If this emulates the feeling of a particular drug, I need to know the name so I can avoid it. Yeesh. Feels like someone liquified my brain. Digital Haircut follows, metal-edged and intense. The surprise will be Van Tan (never before released). I can’t wait to hear it and get a new DD/MM/YYYY fix. Nothing in this album is a filler. Each piece belongs and can rightfully stand alone. Together, the songs create the exhiliration of a sordid night journey to be experienced over and over. Highly gratifying.

DD/MM/YYYY’s Black Square will be released in the US as a limited-edition cassette onTuesday, 9/15/09 via Impose Records. Get Black Square digitally now. Seriously. Do it.

Side 1:
01. Bronzeage
02. No Life
03. “They”
04. Infinity Skull Cube
05. My Glasses
06. Birdtown

Side 2:
07. Sirius B
08. Lismer
09. Real Eyes
10. $50,000 Guitar Head
11. I’m Still In The Wall
12. Digital Haircut
13. Van Tan

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