Glass Ghost: Idol Omen; Like a Diamond (mp3) and The Same (mp3)

by Landry on September 8, 2009

Like A Diamond [mp3]

The Same [mp3]

Super clear, Glass Ghost’s Like A Diamond is striking, chilling, profound, empty, beautiful. I’m equally blown away and solidly hooked. Eliot Krimsky’s natural-fit falsetto juxtaposed with Mike Johnson’s deep, tribal rhythm/percussion emphasizes the haunting feeling of beautiful spaciousness.

Glass Ghost is Brooklyn’s Eliot Krimsky singing and playing keys and Mike Johnson bringing organic root rhythms.

The Same floats playfully on a tropical beat with catchy whistle noises, keys and synth effects, including a Theremin-like squiggle line ala Neon Indian’s Deadbeat Summer. The song swells to a huge, church organ realization/wall-of-sound moment, then breaks to the stewpot on a streetcorner in New York, immersed in a mishmash array horns, chatter, whistles…people noise.

Both songs are from Glass Ghosts’ first upcoming album, Idol Omen, which will be out 10/27/09 on Western Vinyl. Can’t wait.

Preorder Idol Omen.

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