Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Mia Doi Todd, Live@Chessvolt Studios with Video and Mp3s

by Landry on September 11, 2009

miadoitodd_02_luxurywafersBeautiful, entrancing folk songs in the truest sense roll from Mia Doi Todd – still, patient and fearless – rather akin to Joan Baez. Intimate and clear, Mia Doi Todd’s lovely songs command full attention. It’s in the combo of her perfect enunciation; her subtle variations on guitar which at times evoke natural elements, mostly of the water variety, from raindrops to thunderheads to brooding ocean to flowing river; her distinctive voice – at once earth and sky or leather and silk; her entirely masterful songwriting. Mia Doi Todd leaves no mossy stone unturned, uncovering universal emotional topics in fiercely personal fashion. In fact, there’s no bullshit at all associated with the artist or her music. She cuts right to the pithy core. Never in-your-face, though, Mia’s lyrics honestly suggest through experience while leaving enough space for you to get inside the songs as your own.

They’re dense. I suggest total immersion in these beautiful live recordings followed by continued one-on-one time with each.

A couple of the bountiful lyrical gems from Mia Doi Todd’s songs:

“We kiss for the first time, our lips and tongues tied in fitness, infiniteness…”

“All the butterflies rise to the surface, I say stupid thing when I get nervous.”

Mia Doi Todd – What If We Do – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the Exclusive Live Tracks (option/click to download):

River Of Life [mp3]

I Gave You My Home [mp3]

In The End [mp3]

My Room Is White [mp3]

Your Room [mp3]

Buy Mia Doi Todd’s GEA .

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    dawn griffith September 15, 2009 at 12:02 am

    thanks for sharing this. great review – so nice to listen to "what if we do" again. put the cd on afterwards and am still re-enjoying it all
    i forwarded this to thomas and tiffany so they could hear this version of "their song"
    con carino

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