Serengeti and Polyphonic: Terradactyl; My Patriotism (mp3)

by Landry on September 12, 2009

Jayme Joyce © Anticon RecordsMy Patriotism [mp3]

The eagle’s scream grabs perfectly in this unconventional rap/hip-hop from Chicago collaborators, Serengeti and Polyphonic.

Their bio describes Serengeti’s fascinating backstory: “Rapper Serengeti and producer Polyphonic are Illinois natives with three very distinct upbringings. While Polyphonic, born Will Freyman, was raised amongst corn fields and college kids in bucolic Champaign, David Cohn (Serengeti) experienced two separate childhoods within the city of Chicago: with his mother-a secretary, atheist, and devout communist-on the all-black South Side; and with his father-a stressed, middle-class business-owner-in the all-white suburbs of Olympic Fields. Though David is the great nephew of Sonny Cohn (Count Basie’s trumpeter of thirty years), music wasn’t passed down freely in the family. Instead, while Will (Polyphonic) was taking classical piano lessons at his dad’s behest, David was passing out copies of Socialist Worker at May Day rallies. Young Serengeti kept his musical obsessions in his head, and by the time he was ready to loose them, his skull had accumulated several album’s worth of left-field hip-hop detritus.”

Apparently, once Serengeti started to let it out, it sprayed from him heavy like a popped fire hydrant – twelve albums in the past three-and-a-half years.

Go listen to Terradactyl and buy it for keeps. It’s smart, it’ll make you think. And some of the tracks will  scramble your insides just so.

Click HERE for Serengeti and Polyphonic Tourdates.

Buy Terradactyl .

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