A little bit of trance for late saturday night: West Indian Girl, Tape Deck Mountain, Bexar Bexar, Dengue Fever, Field Music

by Landry on October 25, 2009

West Indian Girl

If you’re still up, check ‘em out. Otherwise, fear not. These songs are gentle enough for morning after Saturday night and probably go along just fine with your cuppa joe, greasy fare and twin advils.

Beach [mp3]West Indian Girl Super groovy churning vibe. Great late night. From their We Believe (7/09, Origami).

kt [mp3] - Bexar Bexar Picturesque, soothing instrumental, from Haralambos (2003, Western Vinyl)

Bat Lies [mp3] - Tape Deck Mountain from upcoming Ghost (11/17/09, Lefse).

March of the Balloon Animals [mp3]Dengue Fever An exotic, Oriental, slinky charmer from Dengue Fever Presents: Sleepwalking Through The Mekong (4/14/09).

Measure [mp3]Field Music Upbeat electronica classical pop. This is the title track to their upcoming 20 song album (2/16/10, Memphis Industries/Revolver).

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