Around the Bend at Kingsize Soundlabs, recording The Devil Makes Three, thinking ’bout Gypsy Punk…

by Landry on October 14, 2009


We just recorded our first Luxury Wafers session at Kingsize Soundlabs in Eagle Rock (Los Angeles) today! In case you haven’t heard, Chessvolt Studios, the former home of Luxury Wafers Sessions, is rapidly becoming but a historic reflection as the countdown continues….9 days ’till the wrecking ball hits to make way for a new elementary school in Van Nuys of the LA valley. Bless those little students, may they feel the groove as they visit the principal, whose office will sit just about where the Chessvolt control room has for the last 12 plus years. The exciting part about all this for us is the opportunity to hang out and work with more of the awesomest music folks in LA. And I really can’t think of a more fortunate spot to begin than with the Trumfios and their family (blood, marriage and beyond) at Kingsize Sound. The studio, owned by Dave Trumfio, is a super-loungy lair. kingsizesoundlabs_06A breezy and spacious walk-through control room outfitted with their Neve 8068 felt just like home (if home had a full-time decorating and tidying person) to us. Very inviting. And the live room, rather womblike yet, again, spacious, would be a most appropriate place to take off your shoes, sit on a pillow and smoke the hookah. Oh, but wait – no smoking allowed, really….it is a recording studio, after all. Nonetheless, middle eastern flair in the decor only enhanced the experience of a structurally great studio with amazing gear and comfortable amenities.

We got to test out the killer Kingsize quality with The Devil Makes Three, a curious touring trio originally from Vermont and recently relocated from Santa Cruz to Davis, California, who make the sound of weathered souls with their rich upright bass, banjo, acoustic guitar and amazing, spot-on vocals – two guys (Pete and Cooper) and a gal (Lucia) – weaving harmoniously to perfection. Listening to The Devil Makes Three is an invigorating and engaging pleasure, but seeing them live and in person completes the experience. I highly recommend you get out and see them at the Echoplex tomorrow night.


As we were getting the session rolling, the band played some in the tracking room while Peter and Andrew tested sound levels behind the board for optimal recording. The guys began to sing. Although their voices are clear and it’s just three of them, the crusty depth of The Devil Makes Three reminded me for a minute of Eugene Hutz and Gogol Bordello, fabulous gypsy punkers. I got to thinking I hadn’t heard much about them lately, and then I noticed their upcoming tour dates as well as the trailer for their soon-to-be-released live DVD. I saw them last year at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass for the first time live. Spectacular beyond belief! Get a taste for yourself from the video and then get to a show for the fully incomparable experience.

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    Anita April 9, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Thank you for writing about The Devil Makes Three, this band is amazing. I have seen them three times in concert: in Berkley, Santa Cruz and San Francisco, CA. They have an amazing blend of voices, and Peet’s guitar work is soulful with a bit of an edge. Have you heard Peet’s solo work? His first album Things I Left Behind is very Bob Dylan like. He originally recorded it before he was signed, and then rerecorded it later. Though, I’m still partial to his first recording. Again, thanks so much for your posting. I love your blog and I will keep reading.

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