Jason Diaz: Stomp Out the Sun; Pleasure in Pain (mp3) plus Aftermath on CBS’ Ghost Whisperer

by Landry on October 9, 2009

Photo by Kim Garcia Pleasure In Pain [mp3]

Emerging artist Jason Diaz strikes big with his upcoming sophomore album, Stomp Out the Sun, due out early 2010. Loaded with grumbling guitars plus an intense blues-style raging guitar solo, Pleasure in Pain, chock full with organic bells and whistles (the good kind), features Diaz’s pristine, soul-infused vocals amidst a heated scene that conjures what might happen on a full-blast day at the Daytona Raceway if The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix and Michael Jackson recognized each other in the stands and spontaneously began to jam together.

Diaz, who plays all of those guitars you hear on Pleasure in Pain (and all guitars on the album), recorded the 13 tracks on Stomp Out the Sun with Peter Malick at Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles.

If you’re a TV watcher, listen for two of Diaz’ earlier tracks, Aftermath and Paper Roses , on CBS’ Ghost Whisperer tonight (10/9) and next Friday (10/16) at 9pm.

Go see Jason Diaz live at Hotel Cafe October 28th.

Click HERE to check out Jason Diaz’s Solo Acoustic Luxury Wafers Session – a bunch of songs plus a cool video of the title track, Stomp Out the Sun, which was still affectionately called Oh Sweet Saviour at the time.


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