Kill The Dandies! I Saw White Fields; She Walks Downtown (mp3)

by Landry on October 19, 2009

Kill The Dandies

She Walks Downtown [mp3] - Kill The Dandies! Frankenstein surf-spaghetti-punk from Prague fronted by LP Sonja, sexy and borderline suicideal, plus 4 dapper gents. Kill The Dandies! will chew you up for fun. They’re not concerned with how their hair may appear. Generally savage, their new album, I Saw White Fields (10/25/09, Pale Music) spews tastily addling slabs of bass with writhing guitars and creepy-real signature vocals from former Nihilists, Sonja and Hank, that inch up your spine and poke you in the back of the head. It can’t be healthy, yet each listen elicits the need for more.

When Czech ragers Moimir Papalescu & The Nihilists split, Moimir and Peter Van Krbetz went one way, while Le Petite Sonja, Hank J. Manchini and Wratislaw Placheta went another to form Kill The Dandies! with Richard Fisher and Martin Růžička.

Some of my favorite titles from the new Kill The Dandies! – the ones that set the tone for the record – include Fuzz ‘n Shake, Hangover Love, Don’t Let Me Fade Away, I Don’t Wanna Die, Drug Me, I Want It, and Kill Me.

Album highlight so far: At almost 6 minutes long, I Don’t Wanna Die begins intriguing with Sonja eking out odd lyrics, “I’m bleeding to life,” eventually met by a spooky Hank claiming her as his. The song parts to an unhurried instrumental haze that takes place in a graveyard or an opium den, then breaks into a doozy of a duet.

Get a taste of The Nihilists with this video. Here’s a live Kill The Dandies! video.

Buy I Saw White Fields.

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    Terin January 19, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    Great album!

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