Loney Dear, mesmerizing and sublime. Citadel Band reissue, mp3s.

by Landry on October 13, 2009

Loney Dear

Ignorant Boy, Beautiful Girl [mp3]Loney Dear Ahhhh. Sublime. From Loney Dear’s second album, Citadel Band (LP + MP3) , to be reissued as CD and mixed color LP by Polyvinyl 11/24/09. Emil Svanängen recorded Citadel Band in his parent’s basement and originally self-released the record in 2004. Previously only available on CD-R through Loney Dear’s website and on tour.

Airport Surroundings [mp3] - Loney Dear Swedish electro-pop, speedy yet mesmerizing. This is the first track on Loney Dear’s Dear John (Polyvinyl, 1/29,09).

Click HERE for Loney Dear’s October East coast tour dates.

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