+++ Love on Dead Oceans: On Fillmore, Califone, Akron/Family, Nurses, John Vanderslice +++

by Landry on October 11, 2009

On Fillmore: Darin Gray and Glenn KotcheIt’s turned into an official day of love on Dead Oceans, the nifty Bloomington-based indie label with great taste in a variety of music, from pop to, well, not always pop. Check out some of the newest from Dead Oceans below.

Ape-like [mp3] and Funeral Singers [mp3]Califone, from their spanking new album, All My Friends Are Funeral Singers (Dead Oceans, 10/6/09). Laid back, folky, here-to-stay good stuff. Like organic beans and rice. Satisfying.

Dimmer [mp3] and The Ancient Commonsense Of Things [mp3]Bishop Allen from their album Grrr… (Dead Oceans, 3/10/09). Delightfully clear popsters, Bishop Allen has taken up tour with Throw Me The Statue, with whom Dead Ocean’s Nurses were previously touring.

Master Moon [mp3]On Fillmore – a dreamy collaboration of bassist Darin Gray and drummer Glenn Kotche (also of Wilco), On Fillmore has returned with its most elaborate work, Extended Vacation (Dead Oceans, 11/3/09), a “post-modern noir-film soundtrack that takes place somewhere where jungle meets sea, where dream meets memory.”

Caterpillar Playground [mp3] and Technicolor [mp3]Nurses from their Apple’s Acre (Dead Oceans, 8/4/09). We’ve posted these songs before. Here they are again in case you missed them or haven’t had the chance to check out Nurses yet. Okay, well, there’s no longer any good excuse to have missed them. These guys are fantastically kookily skewed, a rainy musical wonderland of toys. Previously on tour with Throw Me The Statue, they’re continuing on now paired with Le Loup.

River [mp3] - Akron/Family from their Set Em Wild, Set Em Free (Dead Oceans, 5/5/09).
Now a new limited edition 7-inch vinyl single is available for the anthemic River (Dead Oceans, 10/20/09), featuring an exclusive non-album b-side, Morning on Michigan Avenue (Thinking of Old Friends)

Fetal Horses [mp3] and Too Much Time [mp3] - John Vanderslice from his Romanian Names (5/19/09, Dead Oceans). We’ve posted these before, too. Well, now there’s a 7-inch vinyl single for Too Much Time (Dead Oceans, 10/6/09) featuring an exclusive flipside track, Moon Rocks. JV devotees, click THIS LINK for his recent 15 minute live NPR performance.

Other spectacular Dead Oceans artists: Bowerbirds, Citay, Dirty Projectors, The Donkeys, Evangelicals, Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band and a whole bunch more. Go discover them all at the Dead Oceans site.

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