Mika Miko disbands – last tour date Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest. Revisit their Radness with exclusive video and live mp3s

by Landry on October 18, 2009

Bummer to hear the news that our favorite pony funk band,  Mika Miko, is breaking up. Sounds like it’s for real, too. Mika Miko’s always had the magic to make boys and girls, men and women, go gaga. It’s in their inimitable personal distinctiveness and the unassuming clobber-whip of punk rock that comes along with it.

At home, we regularly quote Mika Miko studio banter, particularly Jenna’s line about remixing their own song, Turkey Sandwich, on the record. She said it in the funniest way (you had to be there….oh wait – go listen to the track and you will be). Over 5 months later, we still giggle whenever we think of it.

For an exhilirating jaunt down memory lane, go to  Mika Miko’s Live Luxury Wafers Session which has video plus 6 tracks from Mika Miko’s most recent release, We Be Xuxa (5/5/09, PPM).

Mika Miko – I Got A Lot (New New New) – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.


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