Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Summer of Fear, The Sound (mp3) plus Tour

by Landry on October 7, 2009

The Sound [mp3]

Reflective yet immediate, Brooklyn’s Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson has a cumbersome name. Oh, that’s not what I meant to say, but I was thinking it. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson makes an engaging sound as big as his name in The Sound from his upcoming sophomore album, Summer of Fear (10/20/09, Saddle Creek). At 25, Robinson carries his wits about himself, has a handle on social commentary specifically related to his generation, is buddies with some big guns (Chris Bear of Grizzly Bear and Kyp Malone of TV On the Radio) who have contributed to his recordings, and apparently knows how to use his intellectual, lyrical and great vocal gifts to express through music his passion and anger, deftly representing feelings of his cultural, historic existence right now.

I have listened to The Sound as many times as I have kicked around Robinson’s 4-part name – until I know it inside and out. The upbeat keyboard hook threads the song off-and-on from beginning to end. Robinson’s voice strikes right up front, surprisingly deep and rich, especially compelling on the chorus where he seems inspired by an internal fire to push its boundaries.

I’m looking forward to seeing Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson live. In LA, it’s Spaceland November 4th.

Check out all the tour dates HERE (with Bob Mould, Warpaint and These United States). Note: The CD will be available 10/20/09; Vinyl 11/24/09; If you don’t feel like waiting, download the entire Summer of Fear digital album right now.

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