Old Canes: Feral Harmonic – Little Bird Courage (mp3), Trust (mp3)

by Landry on October 21, 2009

Old Canes

Little Bird Courage [mp3] An energetic, percussive anthem loaded with horns reminiscent of Old Mexico. Uplifting, happy and fearless.

Trust [mp3] A poignant song of warning to a young one that emerges from love and protection tinged sad by hints at experiences of ugly betrayals in the world. Rather than heavy, the vibe remains almost celebratory and rooted in hope.

Old Canes’ Feral Harmonic (Saddle Creek, 10/20/09) shines bright, wild and free. The songs goes in like welcome embraces on undomesticated grass and clover with good friends. Overall, the album offers the feeling of unencumbered space to expand – up and out in all directions. It’s sunny warmth on the inside amidst brisk temperatures on the outside. It’s hot cocoa and a jig by the warm glow of a stone hearth. It’s music as the glue of community and the heart of expression – often happy, sometimes sad or longing. It’s jumbled like real life has a tendency to be. It’s available now via Saddle Creek Records, and Old Canes has departed Kansas, hitting the road to share these songs and more on a hearty domestic tour.

Chris Crisci (The Appleseed Cast), who says his concern is conveying the ideas and the energy of his music, wrote and recorded this album in his basement with contributions from veteran musician friends.  On tour, Old Canes becomes an expanded live version: Chris Crisci, Kelly Hangauer, Taylor Hollenbeck, Lucas Oswald, John Momberg and Jeff Stoltz. Imagine the energy of the music bursting from the whole group in a live setting. Or click HERE for Old Canes’ tour schedule and get the infusion firsthand.

Buy Feral Harmonic (Saddle Creek, 10/20/09). Recommended. Full of songs similar in character yet each of it’s own distinctive mood, Feral Harmonic is an album to have on hand, to listen to particulars selectively and to come back to again and again. Every listen conjures the essence of a visit with dear ones.

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