Wait. Think. Fast. : Video Demo of ‘Trouble’ from their upcoming so-Super-New-It’s-Not-Even-Recorded-Yet album

by Landry on October 24, 2009

Wait Think Fast

Cien Fuegos [mp3] - Wait. Think. Fast.

From Echo Park, LA, Wait. Think. Fast. is Matthew Beighley, Jacqueline Santillan Beighley, Apolinar Quintero and Thomas King. Led vocally by saucy Argentinian, Jacqueline, the group concocts a surly, woozy and enchanting world of languid yearning dotted by occasional epiphany.

The name’s so catchy, WTF, they’ve always reminded me of hot-potato – until only recently, when I learned they took their identity from Siddhartha, a meditative buddha journey and quite an influential book for me, also, in college. Now when I think of the band, I pause a little. The song structures and the spaciousness make a little more sense.

Wait. Think. Fast.’s last album, Vuelve Al Mar (9/30/08, Origami), mesmerizes. Jacqueline’s voice is sexy red wine and cigarettes on spiked heels in a dark night club, traversing Spanish to English and back, supported by loungy LA indie-influenced sounds of ambient guitar, simple and precise drums and beautiful keys. Signals sums it up, a standout and one of my faves on this near-timeless record. The band travels to Tucson at the end of this month to record new goodies with Craig Schumacher (Neko Case, Calexico, Iron & Wine). We’re looking forward to what kind of heat they’ll bring home. Among the songs recorded will be Trouble. Check out the video demo below. Pretty.

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    jess October 25, 2009 at 5:40 pm

    love the video.

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