Monday Mish Mash: Music for the Muddy Mind and More … mp3s

by Landry on November 16, 2009

polkadotPolka Dot Dot Dot

I’m up in the mornings but not well known for a cheery demeanor or much in the department of cognizance till noonish approaches. Monday morning especially. I offer you a bizarre collection of tunes below to help shake the weekend dust. Work your way down. Stiff coffee helps too. The super energetic song is last. Skip all the way down in case of extreme need.

Invisibrother [mp3] - Polka Dot Dot Dot, from Syzygy, (Bicycle, 11/9/09)

This Year [mp3]Hurricane Bells from Tonight Is The Ghost (11/09, Vagrant).

Black Smoke [mp3]Tindersticks from Falling Down A Mountain (4AD, 2/16/10).

Post Punk [mp3]Regrettes and Brunettes from At Night You Love Me (12/09).

Grey Is Old [mp3]Furcast from Together EP (Banter).

Echo Stick Guitars [mp3] - The Boat People a bright and celebratory ditty from Aussie rockers, this one’s great for getting your heart pumping, with or without aerobics.

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