An oddly collection from space to pop to funky rocks ++ plus treats: ted leo, the soft pack, grizzly bear

by Landry on December 8, 2009

Deep Sea Diver [mp3]Grizzly Bear a nice one. This and a eleven other goodies came from the Kanine Records Sampler. Follow them on Twitter and they send it your way.

cassettesEven Heroes Have To Die [mp3]Ted Leo and The Pharmacists whoop, now on Matador

Pigeon Toes [mp3] - Absofacto Tweetie Bird and Talking Heads meet the Beatles and Bowie for burgers and tea at your local diner. Go download the EP and more at Absofacto’s site.

Perfect Day Remix [mp3]Cassettes Won’t Listen ahh, refreshing

Drowning in Midgets [mp3]Random Patterns uh, yeah. birds and a trance

Bedroom Anthem [mp3] - Lymbyc Systym watery instrumental

You’ve Changed [mp3]- Sia bright and bouncy soul-candy

The Beginner [mp3]Samuel Stewart UK/LA epic grit-edged pop singer-songwriter

Seein Stars [mp3]Dizzy Balloons energetic boppin’ kids who mow the lawn and do the dishes with glee

The Weatherman [mp3]The Fay Wrays intense grinding groove from Fresno homies

The Soft Pack rules. See below:

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