Monday Forecast: It’s Gonna Rain in LA. Jake LaBotz mp3 + video

by Landry on December 7, 2009

It’s Gonna Rain Again [mp3] - Jake LaBotz

True. Our parched desert megametropolis is due for a quenching. Looks like it’ll pour cats and dogs all day Monday.

Jump down to a video of Jake LaBotz howling out a classic traditional, It’s Gonna Rain Again.

Regarding favorite musicians, there are so many amazing time periods, pioneers of new sounds, gifted vocalists, scorching guitar players, lyrical maniacs, fucked-up geniuses. We all have our own distinctive lists of those who just do it for us for one reason or another. One of my favorites, alive and well, we had the pleasure of meeting in person and recording live at our studio. Impeccable timing, luxurious tobacco voice, rich, resonant guitar tone and a hunkered-down meditative crouch make Jake LaBotz a stand-out, timeless star who humbly yet illustriously shines steady brilliance, remarkable in any musical cosmos.

Click here for more Jake LaBotz (live videos and mp3s).

Jake LaBotz – Luxury Wafers Sessions – It’s Gonna Rain Again from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

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