Økapi’s ode to Aldo Kapi – Love Him out on Illegal Art, Aldo Kapi [mp3]

by Landry on February 19, 2010

Aldo Kapi [mp3]

This stuff’s tingly fun. From your squeaky bathtub rubber duck to the ballroom dancefloor to Disney and beyond, Filippo Paolini aka Økapi (like the giraffe-zebra hybrid rainforest mammal), directs an engaging journey through bits and pieces of audio masterfully spliced together, perfectly rhythmic with not a second of lagtime in Aldo Kapi.

Økapi’s Love Him celebrates Aldo Kapi, a mentally unstable, fictitious Kyrgyz composer dreamed up by Paolini. Elaborate? Perhaps. Worth it? Certainly. The album’s out 2/23/2010 in two volumes brought to us (on vinyl or digital download) by Illegal Art. Listen to clips of each of the 23 songs here and here. Sounds like an Adult Swim adventure. Sweet.

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