Last night at the Troubadour: Cory Chisel, Dawes and Jason Boesel

by Landry on March 12, 2010


Last night’s show at the Troubadour was super sweet. The highlight for me was seeing Cory Chisel work the room, crisply present yet smooth as mellow tobacco. Ever gracious and humble, Chisel masterfully plied the crowd, alternating between high-energy, full-band rockers and introspective solo or duet pieces (joined by lovely Adriel Harris). He shared one poignant song that he said “we can’t sell you anywhere on a record … those are the ones I like the best.” That song was indeed beautiful. Called In The Deep End, here’s a video of Cory Chisel and Adriel Harris recording a live version of the song in our studios for Luxury Wafers. To enjoy the entire Cory Chisel session with more video and live tracks, Click HERE.

Cory Chisel – In The Deep End – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

The Dawes boys are always a heartwarming ray of cohesive sunshine. When we arrived at the Troubadour, they were on stage gleefully backing tour buddy Jason Boesel. Dawes’ lead singer, Taylor Goldsmith, effuses natural unselfconscious charm. He lives and loves his music and his personalized, custom-engraved guitar strap, which reads ‘Goldsmith’ in big white descending letters says so. Just listen and, if you’re yet not already convinced, you’ll know the minute you hear this love-bomb, recorded live in our studio for Luxury Wafers, from Dawes:

Let Me Be Your Anchor [mp3]

Inconsequential side note: the younger Goldsmith, Griffin, continues to grow one the finest blonde moppy fros in history. Important note: please enjoy Dawes’ entire live Luxury Wafers session by Clicking HERE.


Their Troubadour show was the end of a long tour for the three traveling groups.

Here’s a song from Jason Boesel’s record, Hustler’s Son. Boesel and the band finished their set with a rousing, gritty performance of

The Hand of God [mp3]

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