Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Jaguar Love, Live in our Living Room for Luxury Wafers with Videos and Mp3s

by Landry on March 11, 2010



Jaguar Love is Johnny Whitney and Cody Votolato, both formerly of The Blood Brothers, a now-defunct, screamy-hard, well-loved Seattle crew of 5 who enjoyed a decade-long spell before splitting to move on to other projects. Of The Blood Brothers, our in-house critic who represents the tweens of 2010 mentions, “Oh it’s hard …. hard to listen to. How did he miraculously become such a good singer?” (She also poked fun at Johnny’s hair before trying on the style herself, digging anew the “trash can” look and proclaiming Jaguar Love’s Polaroids and Red Wine the best song ever played live for Luxury Wafers). Post-hardcore art punk may indeed not easily woo appreciation from musicheads galore. Fear not, though, all (on either side of the fence), ’cause Jaguar Love boasts Whitney’s delightfully pushed-over-the-edge vocals (as well as his magnetically spasmodic movements) with a melodic twist. The guy’s got voice. And charm. Votolato, who can thrash at top speed with the best of ‘em, equally bears his chops, playing steady and pretty on the ’67 Gibson acoustic as well as offering an electrified build plus backing vocals over pre-recorded accompanying tracks. Jaguar Love speaks the infectious musical language of balls-out freedom and searing fun. It’s so good, I bust out spontaneous laughter and involuntary jerks of joy every time I hear them. We hope you’ll be drawn in and fall for the razor-spiked ambrosial duo, too. They’re touring now, stopping for 5 days at SXSW in Austin and eventually winding things up at Sasquatch Festival in the Gorge, Wa. Two videos and a jump down to the live tracks.

Jaguar Love – Polaroids and Red Wine – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Jaguar Love – Don’t Die Alone – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the Exclusive Live Tracks (option/click to download):

Up All Night [mp3]

Evaline [mp3]

Sad Parade [mp3]

Jaguar Love’s new Hologram Jams is out now (3/2/10, Fat Possum).


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