Luxury Wafers Exclusive: The Most Serene Republic, Live@Chessvolt Studios with Videos and Mp3s

by Landry on April 30, 2010

The Most Serene Republic, a 7 piece collective from Ontario, Canada, smooths rough edges with their exquisitely fluid pools of pop buoyed by piano, guitar, bass and drums, animated by Adrian and Emma’s dreamy voices and elegantly embellished with brass and banjo. Altogether, the band pours out enchanted, imaginative blurs with plenty of moving parts that adequately toy with the various spheres of the mind. It’s blissful. Though the lyrical concepts of TMSR can at times be heady and even heavy, there’s an airy lightness in the playful cooperative who share the joy of playing music. At their live Luxury Wafers session, TMSR made up a brilliantly fun, evocative nonsensical piece on the spot (‘The Backwards Song’ video below) which deftly highlights the group’s cohesive musical intelligence, sans script or even words. Moving like a flock of well-mannered sparrows, they crafted a emotive soundscape marked by odd vocal noises and convivial camaraderie.  Skilled, good humored and quirky, even in fun, the group takes their liquid-pop endeavors seriously.

The crew: Adrian Jewett (vocals, trombone), Ryan Lenssen (piano, backup vocals), Nick Greaves (guitar, ebow), Emma Ditchburn (guitar, vocals), Sean Woolven (guitar, backup vocals), Simon Lukasewich (bass, violin), and Adam Balsam (drums).

The Most Serene Republic’s latest album, …And the Ever Expanding Universe became available via Arts & Crafts in July of 2009. All of the songs from this session, except their spontaneous invention, can be found there. They’ll be touring the US in all of May, touching down at Spaceland in LA on May 15th. Until and after then, check out their tour dates HERE.

For more info about TMSR, read the interview with Ryan Lenssen HERE.

The Most Serene Republic – No One Likes A Nihilist – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

The Most Serene Republic – Luxury Wafers Sessions – Backwards Song from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Listen to the Exclusive Live Tracks (option/click to download):

Heavens To Purgatory [mp3]

Old Forever New [mp3]

Phi [mp3]

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