Propellerhead Home Sessions: Amber Rubarth, Courtney Jones + Peter Malick

by Landry on February 16, 2011

Oregon artist, Courtney Jones

This was fun. Even before the ‘Pie and Tart’ home studio was built out and put together, our good friends from Propellerhead suggested the kind of 2-day bash we can really dig: freeform recording with friends who are top singer-songwriters and players. The equation, which produced good times and two awesome new songs (listen and download them exclusively here) included good company, cool new software (Record 1.5), great music, and copious sustenance.

Day one featured Oregon artist, Courtney Jones, and her poignant song, Enemy Fire. The recording took place in pieces all through the house – Courtney played piano on the upright Wurli over hardwoods in the living room, where Craig joined in on bass; Butch Norton set up camp in our high-ceilinged, wood-paneled den, where he went to town on his notorious “Contraption” kit, replete with heating duct drum, 20″ Irish Bodhran,  the ultimate popcorn can (Christmas variety type) and two inner washing machine tubs; Courtney’s powerful and clear vocals followed in the den; Peter helmed the session on a laptop in the soon-to-be control room, where he also later lay down the guitar parts. Listen to the final outcome, produced and mixed by Peter Malick, and then check out the video below, recorded and edited by Propellerhead’s Ryan Harlin.

:: Enemy Fire mp3 ::

Brooklyn/LA's Amber Rubarth

Day two brought the magnetic Amber Rubarth plus an all-star LA crew of eight with her sultry new song, Full Moon In Paris. After a quick run-through in the kitchen while Peter and his assistant, Tim, prepared to record, all the musicians piled into the den, where Amber was isolated (with a sight line to drummer, Butch) behind two heavy, foam-lined doors. The first take, remarkably, was the keeper. Listen below (produced and mixed by Peter Malick) and then check out the video, recorded and edited by Propellerhead’s Ryan Harlin.

:: Full Moon In Paris mp3::

Don’t miss the Propellerhead article HERE, where you’ll also find links to more artist stories.

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