Mole Gone Wild

by Landry on September 27, 2012

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Homemade Vegan Mole Lan’s Homemade Vegan Mole Sauce


I’ve been on a mole kick ever since we returned from Portland. Perhaps because parts of me weren’t ready yet to leave the enveloping earth tones and oxygen-rich air of the Pacific Northwest. Or the eat-happy, walking neighborhoods of Rose City. And perhaps because we brought home a little virus as a souvenir of our travels, and mole’s nutty-rich, seasoned tomato sauce spiked with cocoa is a comfort to me.

And, perhaps, it’s just a cosmic alignment with my own city – the City of Angels and Authentic Mexican Food, which, incidentally, is hosting its 5th Annual Feria de Los Moles on Olvera Street on Sunday, October 7th from 10am to 7pm (Admission is Free).

I just got word today that L.A. City Hall will be officially proclaiming ‘Mole Day’ on Friday, October 5th at 10am.

From the press release:

This year’s Feria de Los Moles Puebla vs. Oaxaca introduces Ms. Mole a wonderful opportunity offered to a young girl from Southern California to represent the food tradition by sporting a dress decorated with the ingredients of the mole dish.  Yet another visual treat for audiences is the debut of the 14 ft. China Poblana that will mesmerize crowds at Olvera St.

Wow! A dress decorated with mole ingredients. Now that piques my curiosity….
Last but not least, we will have the presence of Doña Kaelita grandmother of the Feria de Los Moles founder Pedro Ramos, whose Mole recipe served him as an inspiration to create this wonderful event.

She is totally adorable!

I’m looking forward to this family-friendly affair, where over 30K people gathered last year for live music and festivities, which included gigantic puppets and colorfully adorned women who danced with pineapples. There will be more than 20 types of mole to try, including Vegan Mole made with Cactus instead of meat (featured by Juan’s restaurant). Yum!

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