About Us


Luxury Wafers is the passion child of Landry and Peter Malick, raised with the help of an amazing network of dedicated, creative folks who also dig fine indie music.

Peter produces, engineers, mixes, writes and plays music. Hardly moderate, total immersion is his way. Long sleepless nights cozied up to his radio began for Peter in grade school. It wasn’t long before he pumped over to sketchier neighborhoods on his bike to discover the juiciest of records. Peter avidly listens to new indie music from his favorite blogs and podcasts. His professional experience goes way back to his first signing on the Vanguard label in 1968 when he was just 16. Peter engineers and mixes the Luxury Wafers sessions and has produced and played on many of the Label’s offerings.

Nurtured from birth by a baby grand piano, Landry has also had a life-long love affair with music. When she was seven, she received an 8-track player with an array of tapes, the most rousing of which included the William Tell Overture. After endless hours manically riding an imaginary pony to that famed Lone Ranger theme song, her fate twisted again when a mysterious copy of Led Zeppelin’s IV was left behind in her room. Since then, she’s delighted in exploring myriad genres, ever connected to her core through music as she’s moved through life and various professional incarnations. She lives in LA with Peter, where she coordinates Luxury Wafers, helps to manage their music business and the Luxury Wafers Label, and edits this blog.

Peter and Landry owned and operated Chessvolt Recording Studios from 1/2006 until 10/2009, when LAUSD grabbed it by eminent domain to build a new elementary school. They currently work from their new home studio, aka The Pie and Tart Shop, as well as at various studios around LA.

Together, the pair brings friendly ears, techie lust and artistic vision to Luxury Wafers.


We’re often asked, “What does Luxury Wafers mean?”

The name Luxury Wafers originated in the 99 cent store.

It was February ’08. Peter and I were waxing about our passion for rich quality music and vinyl records, affirming our intentions for a new wave of immersion in the world of music. Re-stating our vows, as it were – our commitment to our deep-down love affair with music – its roots, its creation and its delivery. Which is serious, considering the rapid evolution of the art and the business.  We realized and admitted we’re helplessly hooked, whether or not there’s traditional income from record sales.

After excessive and obsessive hours spent in philosophical and strategic discourse over our relationship to music, we took a bleary-eyed trip to our local 99, where we accidentally discovered Luxury Wafers.

In the moment, it was at least a powerful metaphor if not an auspicious sign.

We love the ironic juxtaposition of these delicious, luxurious cookies packaged in small, shiny, elegant tins on sale for less than a buck.

We hope you enjoy our deluxe offerings, which are likewise both sumptuous and accessible.


Shoot us an email: luxurywafers @ gmail.com