What’s With the Name?

We’re often asked, “What does Luxury Wafers mean?”

The name Luxury Wafers originated in the 99 cent store.

It was February ’08. Peter and I were waxing about our passion for rich quality music and vinyl records, affirming our intentions for a new wave of immersion in the world of music. Re-stating our vows, as it were – our commitment to our deep-down love affair with music – its roots, its creation and its delivery. Which is serious, considering the rapid evolution of the art and the business.  We realized and admitted we’re helplessly hooked, whether or not there’s traditional income from record sales.

After excessive and obsessive hours spent in philosophical and strategic discourse over our relationship to music, we took a bleary-eyed trip to our local 99, where we accidentally discovered Luxury Wafers.

In the moment, it was at least a powerful metaphor if not an auspicious sign.

We love the ironic juxtaposition of these delicious, luxurious cookies packaged in small, shiny, elegant tins on sale for less than a buck.

We hope you enjoy our deluxe offerings, which are likewise both sumptuous and accessible.