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Jim and Sam (Jim Hanft and Samantha Yonack) – They’re Back as a Band and in Top Form. Watch the Video for “Pull Over Now”

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Before they were officially a band, before they even teamed up in song, Jim Hanft and Samantha Yonack had a special kind of chemistry. Charmed (and charming, I’m sure), Hanft ended up landing the gal and the record contract (he signed to Swedish label, Veranda Records, in 2009). Since then, the two have been billed [...]

Kris Gruen; Highlight Track: “Cemetery” from New Comics From The Wooded World (out July 2, 2013, Motherwest); On Tour Now – NY, TN, VT

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Vermonter (transplanted from NYC) Kris Gruen has a mellow way about him. When we hosted him for a Live Luxury Wafers Session back in April of 2009, we instantly felt comfy in his quiet and unassuming presence. Once he began to play guitar and sing, it became apparent that Gruen’s interface with the world is [...]

Spencer Livingston’s upcoming debut album, GROW, out July 16th on LW; “Have a Little Faith” animated video premiered on American Songwriter Magazine, out now!

Thumbnail image for Spencer Livingston’s upcoming debut album, GROW, out July 16th on LW; “Have a Little Faith” animated video premiered on American Songwriter Magazine, out now!

Singer songwriter, Spencer Livingston’s voice croons sweet and clear amidst warm, folk-Americana arrangements. His sensitive lyrics slyly penetrate via his easy-going, familiar sound. Livingston’s debut album, GROW, will be released on the Luxury Wafers Fresh label July 16th, 2013, just a few days before the Summer 2013 tour. Hopeful, the first single from the record, [...]

Butch Norton, “grooving with what I got”

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The video says it all. Get a glimpse of Butch-world here. This is why Butch is the man.

What’s Cool About Eisley :: New Album, Currents – A Few To Savor

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What’s cool about Eisley? Eisley’s artwork is unfailingly intriguing. The group is from a small Texas town. After all of their years (over a decade) of successfully making music together, they still live there. They’re family: siblings Sherri Dupree-Bemis, Stacy King, Chauntelle Dupree and Weston Dupree with cousin Garron Dupree. And most of all, Eisley’s [...]

We have different styles. (You’re an asshole.) The Milk Carton Kids play it right.

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LISTEN – :: The Milk Carton Kids – New York (mp3) :: When I stepped into LA’s charming Largo at the Coronet on Tuesday night, I unknowingly stumbled into a vortex of timelessness with The Milk Carton Kids, a folk duo (Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale) originally from Los Angeles, now New York-based. Although I’d [...]

The Alternates’ Spencer Livingston, Live @ The Pie and Tart Shoppe (Luxury Wafers Exclusive) + Listen to the new Alternates EP!

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Here’s a really sweet acoustic ditty from Spencer Livingston, lead singer of the Alternates. A la AA Bondy or Jeff Tweedy. Listen and melt: Now go listen to Livingston’s band. Just back in LA from a NW coast foray, Americana rockers, the Alternates, have a killer new EP out called Spiders and Webs. (Check out [...]

Sonic Snacks – A Motley Mix of Recent Favorites

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:: Country Mice – Festival mp3 :: This one grabbed hold of me like a stickaburr from the hill country. Rustic rock brought to you from Brooklyn via the Midwest. Look forward to their debut album, Twister, in June. :: Hunx and His Punx – Lovers Lane mp3 :: Naughty but clean here, Hunx injects [...]

Crystal Antlers: reflections, refinements, and now what?!

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While sorting through cyber-mountains of files during re-entry to the Luxury Wafers atmosphere, I ran across this video of one of my all-time favorite sessions: Crystal Antlers. Oh man. Awesome. Details of the session are blurry in my memory. From the calendar, I know it was late afternoon in July of 2009. I do remember [...]

It’s not too late for Chickens in Love.

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Everybody’s got space for a little chicken love in their heart. 826LA and a bunch of local students, artists and businesses are showing the way. 826LA, a generous and creative non-profit writing/tutoring center that works for free with LA’s school children, presents Chickens In Love. Sponsored by large-hearted hipsters Origami Vinyl, Bedrock LA, Echoplex, Engine [...]

Ola Podrida; Belly of the Lion; This Old World Video, The Closest We Will Ever Be mp3

Ola Podrira - Belly of The Lion

The Closest We Will Ever Be [mp3] Ola Podrida’s  Belly of the Lion released 11/10/09 on Western Vinyl. The very first moment of Ola Podrida’s Belly of the Lion is perfect.  Really.  Without a count, the bass drops on the downbeat and a warm bodied Telecaster sings; for a moment, it seems like this little [...]

Top two most notable albums we should have reviewed earlier: Chll Pll – Agressively Humble; Talk Normal – Sugarland. With Mp3s and Videos.

Chll Pll record album review on Luxury Wafers

In mid-October, we at Luxury Wafers closed our former studio hub, Chessvolt Studios. It was a case of eminent domain: our local government opted to build an elementary school at that site and we didn’t have a choice in the matter. So, reluctantly, sadly, we packed up and said goodbye. The effects have been immense [...]

Letting Up Despite Great Faults, LP, In Steps + more mp3s


In Steps [mp3] is the realization of plump immersion in the moment while still flowing with the stream. It feels just like the half-way point through first fall semester away in a crisply orange-leaved town. Dreary-tinged, easy fun. LA’s Letting Up Despite Great Faults judiciously applies warmly enhancing synth effects to the very pleasant surprise [...]

Juicy Junk Culture: West Coast EP and mp3


Our neighbors have been filling us with ionized water and enthusiasm, which is promoting a general high around our house and stirring up late-night sprees on dark chocolate desserts and Junk Culture. West Coast [mp3] – Junk Culture Fuzzy and crackly, Junk Culture’s Deepak Mantena lays down a funky beat adorned with gold brocade samples [...]

Wild Beasts freak me out: Two Dancers, Booty Calls and All The King’s Men


All The King’s Men [mp3] – Wild Beasts From the “Auld Grey Town,” Kendal, England (known for mint cakes, snuff and limestone grey buildings) indie-pop, 4-piece boy band, Wild Beasts recently released a dramatic, sometimes Wham!-reminiscent, 10 song album, Two Dancers (9/8/2009, Domino), filled with freak-haunt falsetto and repetitive dance rhythms that aim to entice [...]

Old Canes: Feral Harmonic – Little Bird Courage (mp3), Trust (mp3)


Little Bird Courage [mp3] An energetic, percussive anthem loaded with horns reminiscent of Old Mexico. Uplifting, happy and fearless. Trust [mp3] A poignant song of warning to a young one that emerges from love and protection tinged sad by hints at experiences of ugly betrayals in the world. Rather than heavy, the vibe remains almost [...]

The Dutchess and The Duke: Sunset/Sunrise album review, Living This Life (mp3) and Hands (mp3)


Living This Life [mp3] Hands [mp3] Today’s the day. Sunset/Sunrise is out in the open. I already loved what I’d heard in the first song from the record, Hands – the simplicity, the feeling of being down in Laredo in the 1970′s, the rusty organ whirl, the strong, bare electric guitar. So when I got [...]

Orenda Fink: Ask the Night, High Ground (mp3)


High Ground [mp3] Orenda Fink‘s new solo album, Ask the Night, finally arrives Tuesday, 10/6 on Saddle Creek, the same label home as beautiful Azure Ray, of which she’s half.   Ask the Night, Fink’s sophomore album, goes completely analog, featuring an all-star cast of contributors on acoustic instruments including mandolin, resonant stand-up bass, backwoods [...]

DD/MM/YYYY: Black Square Album Review, Cassette Release Tour, Digital Haircut (mp3)

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Digital Haircut [mp3] Punk-pop-metal, laden with hues of Metallica and even Jane’s Addiction, this song is a hard, alternately cacophonic and harmonic, adrenalin spiking, heart-stopping, jagged jumping, spraying, thumping aural assault. We like it. We’re stoked to have the Toronto bunch, DD/MM/YYYY, in the studio to slay and play in early October when they visit [...]

Girls’ new album, Album, out Sept 22nd. Get it in your ears ASAP.


Hellhole Ratrace [mp3] Simplicity works for Girls. Straight-forward, undisguised lyrics emerge raw and unfettered from Christopher Owens through his vocal character akin to Buddy Holly or an Everly Brother. Really. It feels entirely natural and sincere. Owens is actively alive and, upon close listen, disarmingly intense. JR White’s elegant production swings on a trapeze in [...]

Yo La Tengo: Popular Songs (9/8/09, Matador); Here to Fall, Periodically Double or Triple (mp3s)


Here To Fall [mp3] Periodically Double or Triple [mp3] Review by Benham Jones Excepting the three epic closers that account for more than half of the record’s length, Yo La Tengo’s forthcoming Popular Songs (Matador, 9/8/09) is a sweet little listen that moves quicker than a jukebox full of your best friend’s quarters.  And “jukebox” [...]

Wye Oak: The Knot, Take it In (mp3)

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Take It In [mp3] I know Wye Oak’s record, The Knot (Merge, 7/21/09), has been out since late July, but it’s so engrossingly good (I’m talking genius) I must take the time to tell you about it (or at least remind you to pull out your headphones, turn on the music and jump in again). [...]

A A Bondy: When the Devil’s Loose (Available 9/1), I Can See The Pines Are Dancing (mp3)


I Can See The Pines Are Dancing [mp3] When the Devil’s Loose [mp3] A A (Scott) Bondy‘s eagerly awaited new album, When the Devil’s Loose, will finally be available next week, September 1st, on Fat Possum. Bondy’s lovely, road-weary voice conveys depth of experience and soul knowledge. Pleasantly hoarse at times while incorporating jangly piano [...]

Daniel Johnston: Is And Always Was, Freedom mp3


Amazing news. After years, Daniel Johnston has a new record out. This guy wheedled his way under my skin like a pretty piece of itchy fiberglass early on. Living in Austin (where Johnston was lovingly embraced) from the mid-80′s through the mid-90′s, I remember listening to Johnston’s songs for the first time with my sister [...]

Castanets: Texas Rose, The Thaw & The Beasts; Worn From the Fight (With Fireworks) mp3


Rose [mp3] Worn From the Fight (With Fireworks) [mp3] Castanets brings on an eighth new record Sept 22, 2009 (his 5th with Asthmatic Kitty) called Texas Rose, The Thaw & The Beasts. For a brief back-story on Castanets, check out his label bio HERE. You’ll find descriptive summaries regarding Ray Raposa’s evolution as a musician [...]

Cotton Jones: Rio Ranger EP; Where You Stop For A Minute (mp3)


Where You Stop For A Minute [mp3] (from the new Rio Ranger EP!) Home Is Where [mp3]…same song, from Cotton Jones’ Live Luxury Wafers Session Here comes the last of a clever little 3-part series of hardcover, handcrafted, limited edition CD books released by Cotton Jones: the Rio Ranger EP (Quite Scientific, 9/8/09). 5 new [...]

Jack Penate, Everything is New, Tonight’s Today mp3


Tonight’s Today [mp3] Young Brit-pop sensation, Jack Penate, (Matinee) comes back at us with a sophomore album, Everything is New, rife with current ambient/soul experiments, out 8/18/09 on XL. Penate’s a catchy songwriter and his unaffected, natural accent enchants like sweet honeysuckle in the wild. The first track of the album opens bold with horns [...]

Polynya: Crop Rotation, Ribbon Dragons (mp3)


Ribbon Dragons [mp3] This pleasing opening track from Polynya‘s Crop Rotation is a harmonious sealife merry-go-round. It pans, cuts and rolls with plush chutes of aural excitement that could possibly resemble waterfalls and narwhal cries. Blended male and female voices steadily penetrate the kaleidoscope musical creation. Bonus: the North Carolina group’s vibe is gentle, positive, [...]

Denver Folksters, Paper Bird: Lost Boys (mp3)


Lost Boys (mp3) What a great surprise to be introduced to Denver’s Paper Bird. The 7-piece group of lookers brings on the real deal: good vibes, old-school musicianship on a variety of instruments including strings, horns and unadorned voices, mostly female, which blend harmoniously with intent earthiness and enough authentic passion to make you want [...]

Yim Yames, Tribute To: My Sweet Lord (mp3) and Monsters of Folk


My Sweet Lord [mp3] – Yim Yames Say Please [mp3] – Monsters of Folk Yim Yames, aka Jim James (My Morning Jacket), pays tribute to George Harrison in a lovely collection of 6 songs recorded in 2001, around the time of Harrison’s death. Go to Yim’s site to buy a download of Tribute To now. [...]

J. Tillman (Fleet Foxes) new album: Year in the Kingdom, Earthly Bodies (mp3)


Earthly Bodies [mp3] J. Tillman’s voice slides in through every pore and gently rubs you like a chamois cloth (vegan variey, of course) from the inside out. Beautiful. Sweet. Stunning. Transfixing. A tender forest of jewel-like enchantment spun by elegant songbeads on delicate golden thread. Highlights: The title track, Year in the Kingdom, opens the [...]

tUnE-YaRdS comes to Luxury Wafers; 4AD, BiRd-BrAiNs, Sunlight (mp3)


Sunlight [mp3] Glenda the good witch and all the munchkins of fairyland join in with Zap Mama’s cousin and a sledgehammer on this moderately wacky kitchen sink creation from enormously gifted hot-potato soul maven and New England native, Merrill Garbus. Outside of wild creativity, we’re not quite sure what to expect, but we are eagerly [...]

Helado Negro, Awe Owe out August 4th on Asthmatic Kitty, Deja mp3 + Dahum Video


photo by Rebecca Steele Deja [mp3] Yes! Helado Negro‘s Awe Owe is set to debut August 4th on Asthmatic Kitty. I heard this guy back at the beginning of May, when the teaser track, Deja, slipped out to pique curiosity. Since then, this release is one I’ve been drooling to hear. Like a happy kid [...]

Neon Indian Releases Psychic Chasms on Lefse Records; Deadbeat Summer, Terminally Chill + more mp3s


Deadbeat Summer [mp3] Terminally Chill [mp3] Mysterious Texas/NewYork dreampop collaboration, Neon Indian recently signed to very cool boutique label, Lefse Records, with whom he’ll release the 12-track debut, Psychic Chasms, October 13, 2009. From the label: “Orbiting around the themes of drug induced heartbreak, weary afternoons, and lost chances, this music provides a lush soundtrack [...]

Levon Helm, Electric Dirt: Listen to the Whole Durn Thing Right Now


After an already-long stretch of etching sunsoaked memories into the hearts and minds of generations of Band-loving fans, Levon Helm, with his signature Americana style, is at it again and again, this time with a new solo album (his second), Electric Dirt (June 30th, Dirt Farmer Music/Vanguard Records). “Electric Dirt again finds Levon steeped in [...]

Dirty Projectors: Bitte Orca out today; Stillness is the Move (mp3)


Brookyln’s Dirty Projectors‘ new record, Bitte Orca (Domino), is out now! I suggest you run like the wind and purchase this wholly tantalizing album. Beautiful pop at every turn, from the opening hook – the first reverberating guitar notes dotted by talking bass the likes of a long legged bird in Cannibal Resource – to [...]

The Horse’s Ha (Janet Beveridge Bean of Freakwater/Eleventh Dream Day + The Zincs’ James Elkington) – The Cathmawr Yards; Mp3s


The Piss Choir [mp3] Asleep in a Waterfall [mp3] Memorably obscure names draw notice to The Horse’s Ha, an all-Chicago, sixties throwback psych-folk-jazz collaboration conceived by James Elkington (The Zincs) and Janet Beveridge Bean (Freakwater/Eleventh Dream Day). Honestly, it was reading “Janet Bean of Freakwater” that impelled me to open the window and give a [...]

Sonic Youth: The Eternal coming June 6th; Sacred Trickster [mp3]


Sacred Trickster [mp3] i want you to levitate me. ohh, yes, Sonic Youth, thank you for making my hairs stand on end with your edge of cacaphony, your unfailing groove driven by solid identifiable drums, Kim’s leathery, icy vocals, the groove, the jangling guitars, the pounding, stupor-inducing grooooove, uh-huh, uh-huh. Sacred Trickster is a beautiful [...]

Butterfly Boucher, Scary Fragile, Gun For A Tongue mp3


Butterfly Boucher is back, wings unbound and flying fancy in LA with a new album, Scary Fragile, produced by David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Regina spektor), due out June 2nd, 2009. She’ll be playing bunches around LA all month, at Spaceland Monday, June 1st and at Hotel Cafe every Wednesday in June. Butterfly’s story is interesting. [...]

Review: Green Day’s Rock Opera, My 21st Century Breakdown


My 21st Century Breakdown by Seth Cohn Green Day will be playing The Music Box at the Fonda in Hollywood on Thursday, Jun 4, 2009. Tickets on sale for a mere $47.50. Green Day’s new rock opera, 21st Century Breakdown, was released May 15th, 2009 (Reprise Records). Upon first listen, I thought to myself “So [...]

Viva Voce, Rose City (Barsuk/May 26th, 2009), Devotion mp3


After a year away, building a studio, hanging around their home town of Portland and gigging with country rock band, Blue Giant, Viva Voce (Kevin and Anita Robinson) is back with two added members and Rose City (Barsuk, May 26th, 2009) a DIY goodie they pulled off entirely in one month’s time. The result is [...]

The Wooden Birds, Magnolia; Sugar mp3


The Wooden Birds, a new band for Andrew Kinney (American Analog Set), releases Magnolia, their new album, tomorrow, May 12th, 2009 on Barsuk Records. A mellow, straight-ahead, Neil Young sounding 12-track continuum, Magnolia highlights Kinney’s natural singer/songwriter knack, elegantly centering round the simplicity of a few chords of acoustic guitar and easy, albeit prominent, percussion [...]

Cryptacize, Mythomania and 3 songs for your enjoyment


Cryptacize is coming to mesmerize with fun simplicity and trebly innocence. Former Kill Rock Stars’ Nedelle Torrisi, Chris Cohen of The Curtains/ex-Deerhoof, Michael Carreira and Aaron Olson make up the band, who have toured with Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and Vivian Girls. We are stoked to have Cryptacize come into the studio for a Live [...]

Patterson Hood, Murdering Oscar (and other love songs): Download Pollyanna


Patterson Hood, Murdering Oscar (and other love songs) Release date: June 23rd, 2009 by Peter Malick Pol·ly·an·na : an excessively or blindly optimistic person. [MP3] Pollyanna It would certainly come as no surprise to fans of The Drive By Truckers that Patterson Hood is hardly a Pollyanna. Patterson’s lyrics wade in the brackish water of [...]

Mika Miko, We Be XUXA, Download: I Got A Lot & On The Rise


For real? Yes, they will eat you up. Victor Fandgore (Jennifer Clavin), Jet Blanca (Jenna Thornhill), Michelle Diane Suarez, Jessica Clavin and now a boy, Seth Densham, make up LA-based punks Mika Miko (PostPresentMedium/KillRockStars). We’re stoked to have Mika Miko in the studio for a Luxury Wafers Live Session the day before the release of [...]

The Felice Brothers, Yonder Is The Clock + 2 mp3 downloads


Listen to the tracks (option/click to download): Run Chicken Run Penn Station The Felice Brothers- Yonder Is The Clock (Team Love) Release: April 7th 2009 By Benham Jones Over the last three or four years, contemporary Americana has reemerged in a big way, two-steppin’ towards the mainstream with an edginess that hasn’t been tapped into [...]

Jarvis Cocker, Further Complications Review plus Angela


“…Further Complications uses rawness and new energy to claw forward, getting closer and closer to that certain whatever-it-is-that-Jarvis-Cocker-should-be-doing-as-a-solo-artist something.” Just in case you didn’t grab this earlier, here’s a “nice little piece of freakbeat sweetmeat” from Jarvis Cocker‘s upcoming album: Angela Jarvis Cocker- Further Complications (Rough Trade) Release: May 18th, 2009 by Benham Jones Going [...]

Great Northern, Remind Me Where the Light Is (Eenie Meenie),Download 2 Tracks


Dare I begin with WTF? Great Northern’s new album, Remind Me Where the Light Is, officially releases April 28th. We all know Great Northern’s color is Black. There will be drama. Sadness. Loss. Beauty. These attributes have defined their sound, making the music a relatively subtle sphere into which you want entry. But their upcoming [...]

Marianne Faithfull- Easy Come Easy Go: 12 Songs for Music Lovers (Decca)


Marianne Faithfull- Easy Come Easy Go: 12 Songs for Music Lovers (Decca) Release: March 17th 2009 by Benham Jones There is a scene in Godard’s Made In USA (recently revived in NYC) where a 21-year-old Marianne Faithful sings an a cappella version of “As Tears Go By” over a cup of coffee and stops the [...]

The Decemberists- Hazards of Love (Capitol)


The Decemberists- Hazards of Love (Capitol) Release: March 24th 2009 It’s tough to consider The Decemberists forthcoming Hazards of Love with only a few spins under my belt. Where as 2006’s The Crane Wife was an important transitional point for the band, flirting with a unifying theme amongst a variety of abstract backdrops, Hazards of [...]