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Jim and Sam (Jim Hanft and Samantha Yonack) – They’re Back as a Band and in Top Form. Watch the Video for “Pull Over Now”

Thumbnail image for Jim and Sam (Jim Hanft and Samantha Yonack) – They’re Back as a Band  and in Top Form. Watch the Video for “Pull Over Now”

Before they were officially a band, before they even teamed up in song, Jim Hanft and Samantha Yonack had a special kind of chemistry. Charmed (and charming, I’m sure), Hanft ended up landing the gal and the record contract (he signed to Swedish label, Veranda Records, in 2009). Since then, the two have been billed [...]

Kris Gruen; Highlight Track: “Cemetery” from New Comics From The Wooded World (out July 2, 2013, Motherwest); On Tour Now – NY, TN, VT

Thumbnail image for Kris Gruen; Highlight Track: “Cemetery” from New Comics From The Wooded World (out July 2, 2013, Motherwest); On Tour Now – NY, TN, VT

Vermonter (transplanted from NYC) Kris Gruen has a mellow way about him. When we hosted him for a Live Luxury Wafers Session back in April of 2009, we instantly felt comfy in his quiet and unassuming presence. Once he began to play guitar and sing, it became apparent that Gruen’s interface with the world is [...]

Spencer Livingston’s upcoming debut album, GROW, out July 16th on LW; “Have a Little Faith” animated video premiered on American Songwriter Magazine, out now!

Thumbnail image for Spencer Livingston’s upcoming debut album, GROW, out July 16th on LW; “Have a Little Faith” animated video premiered on American Songwriter Magazine, out now!

Singer songwriter, Spencer Livingston’s voice croons sweet and clear amidst warm, folk-Americana arrangements. His sensitive lyrics slyly penetrate via his easy-going, familiar sound. Livingston’s debut album, GROW, will be released on the Luxury Wafers Fresh label July 16th, 2013, just a few days before the Summer 2013 tour. Hopeful, the first single from the record, [...]

Butch Norton, “grooving with what I got”

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The video says it all. Get a glimpse of Butch-world here. This is why Butch is the man.

What’s Cool About Eisley :: New Album, Currents – A Few To Savor

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What’s cool about Eisley? Eisley’s artwork is unfailingly intriguing. The group is from a small Texas town. After all of their years (over a decade) of successfully making music together, they still live there. They’re family: siblings Sherri Dupree-Bemis, Stacy King, Chauntelle Dupree and Weston Dupree with cousin Garron Dupree. And most of all, Eisley’s [...]

Groups of 9 or More: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Poignant New ‘Child’ Video; Japonize Elephants – Mélodie Fantastique and Mousetraps

Thumbnail image for Groups of 9 or More: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Poignant New ‘Child’ Video; Japonize Elephants – Mélodie Fantastique and Mousetraps

In exactly the hallucinogenic fashion you’d expect from a bay area nonet, Japonize Elephants congregate with instruments from every nook and cranny, including parts of the kitchen sink and nearby combustible engines, to create slinky, theatrical, gypsy-meets-circus-meets-ridiculous-plus-a-side-of-adrenalin pieces. To complement the ensemble’s large-scale, gluttonous feasting on the every-genre music bazaar buffet, Japonize Elephants’ upcoming live [...]

Mole Gone Wild

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  I’ve been on a mole kick ever since we returned from Portland. Perhaps because parts of me weren’t ready yet to leave the enveloping earth tones and oxygen-rich air of the Pacific Northwest. Or the eat-happy, walking neighborhoods of Rose City. And perhaps because we brought home a little virus as a souvenir of [...]

We have different styles. (You’re an asshole.) The Milk Carton Kids play it right.

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LISTEN – :: The Milk Carton Kids – New York (mp3) :: When I stepped into LA’s charming Largo at the Coronet on Tuesday night, I unknowingly stumbled into a vortex of timelessness with The Milk Carton Kids, a folk duo (Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale) originally from Los Angeles, now New York-based. Although I’d [...]

It’s not too late for Chickens in Love.

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Everybody’s got space for a little chicken love in their heart. 826LA and a bunch of local students, artists and businesses are showing the way. 826LA, a generous and creative non-profit writing/tutoring center that works for free with LA’s school children, presents Chickens In Love. Sponsored by large-hearted hipsters Origami Vinyl, Bedrock LA, Echoplex, Engine [...]

SXSW 2010 – 5 days of full-contact aural inundation; Free parties, music, booze, food … Ready, Go!

South by Southwest SXSW Armadillo

Right, they’ve got Smokey for the keynote address and a bunch of panels and whatnot to attend, but the ambrosia of SXSW manifests in an already-musically-inundated town soaked through to overflowing with amazing artists and music lovers from around the world, largely just for the price of getting to Austin with a comfortable pair of [...]

Last night at the Troubadour: Cory Chisel, Dawes and Jason Boesel

Cory Chisel at Chessvolt Recording Studio for Luxury Wafers

Last night’s show at the Troubadour was super sweet. The highlight for me was seeing Cory Chisel work the room, crisply present yet smooth as mellow tobacco. Ever gracious and humble, Chisel masterfully plied the crowd, alternating between high-energy, full-band rockers and introspective solo or duet pieces (joined by lovely Adriel Harris). He shared one [...]

Love Him More. Elliott Smith reissues from Kill Rock Stars: From A Basement On A Hill and Roman Candle; Twilight (mp3), Last Call (mp3) + Cecilia/Amanda (mp3)

Elliot Smith

Cecilia/Amanda [mp3] Twilight [mp3] Last Call [mp3] It’s hard to listen and not well with tears. Here they are: Cecilia/Amanda (previously unreleased until the very end of 2009; recorded at Jackpot! Recording Studio in 1997 by Larry Crane); Twilight, from From A Basement On The Hill; and Last Call from Roman Candle, Elliott Smith‘s first [...]

Welcome back to the everyday … let’s kick it back up to gear

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photo by Esther WhiteAfter a nice long holidaze spell, everyone seems to be back at it, living their lives in 2010. The funky downtime was enjoyable, and, too, it is admittedly nice to wake up to an inbox full of perky letters from my favorite pr friends, always promoting more great music. There’s catch-up to [...]

Wavy Davy’s top 12 selections from last year’s Luxury Wafers Sessions

Brendan Benson

Here’s another list for list lovers. It’s never really too late, and, besides, 2010′s all about savoring that which nourishes, so…..without further ado, here’s Dave Shulman’s list of faves from Luxury Wafers sessions in 2009. Dave’s an up-east musician who helped around the studio when he visited and even filmed a bunch of Luxury Wafers [...]

Best of the Year #3: View, Listen and Download

The staff favorites - live sessions in 2009 from Luxury Wafers

This Best of 2009 list, “in no particular order,” comes from Mike Post, who started as an intern at our Chessvolt Studios before Luxury Wafers and has helped us here and there from the very beginning with booking, mixing… the whole shebam. Mike just graduated with a music degree from Northeastern University in Boston. Check [...]

Best of the Year #2, View, Listen and Download

Our favorite Luxury Wafers sessions with indie musicians in 2009

This selection comes from Amanda Lemieux, who has been with Luxury Wafers as a videographer, video editor and all-around good-viber since she moved to LA from the east coast about a year ago. From #12 to her numero uno, the songs are listed below as mp3s or videos with links to the original sessions for [...]

Best of the Year #1: View, Listen and Download

The best live sessions from Luxury Wafers in 2009

We asked our Luxury Wafers crew to share their favorites songs from our 2009 sessions. This first selection is a playlist from Justin Philips, who shot and edited video for us over the summer and stayed on to continue with video and to help with the studio move. Some of the songs on the list [...]

Monday Forecast: It’s Gonna Rain in LA. Jake LaBotz mp3 + video

Jake Lazbotz during his live Luxury Wafers session

It’s Gonna Rain Again [mp3] – Jake LaBotz True. Our parched desert megametropolis is due for a quenching. Looks like it’ll pour cats and dogs all day Monday. Jump down to a video of Jake LaBotz howling out a classic traditional, It’s Gonna Rain Again. Regarding favorite musicians, there are so many amazing time periods, [...]

Jackpot! Sessions in Portland … Day Two


Typhoon, just after their Luxury Wafers Session @ Jackpot!Sessions are underway. We just enjoyed Nick Jaina and his crew on standup bass, violin, trumpets and clarinet. Right now we’ve got World’s Greatest Ghosts. Up later: Y La Bamba, Rauelsson +++. We tore it up on Monday (there were little trails of smoke following Kendra heels [...]

Jackpot! Sessions in Portland … Gearing Up for Day One


Here we go. Day one at Jackpot! Studios in Portland, OR. We’re bummed Larry won’t be around, but stoked to hang with Kendra and the awesome cast of bands we have lined up for the next few days. Stay tuned for sessions from Greg Ashley, Benoit Pioulard, Forro In The Dark, Jarred Mees and the [...]

New Exclusive Video of The Rural Alberta Advantage (Nils Solo) – Sleep All Day


Here’s a new video of Nils from The RAA recording Sleep All Day, live @Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles for Luxury Wafers. This was such a warm and friendly session. We’re very happy to see more and more of the world continuing to embrace this awesome guy and his band. The Rural Alberta Advantage – [...]

New Luxury Wafers Exclusive Video: Brendan Benson “Whole Lot Better”


Live at Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles, Brendan Benson records Whole Lot Better from his latest solo release, My Old Familiar Friend (8/18/09, ATO). CLICK HERE to go to the entire live session with tracks, review, photos and more video.

New Luxury Wafers Exclusive Video: Cursive, “Mama, I’m Satan”


Live at Chessvolt Studios in Los Angeles, Omaha’s Cursive records Mama, I’m Satan from Mama, I’m Swollen(3/10/2009, Saddle Creek). CLICK HERE to go to the entire live session with tracks, review, photos and more video.

Seu Jorge – Changes Video from The Life Aquatic revisited


Remember the awesome Brazilian guy in the red cap who surreally delivered a Portuguese acoustic version of David Bowie’s Changes on deck in The Life Aquatic? Seo Jorge is that guy. Just because it’s so great, here’s a video of the performance:

Around the Bend at Kingsize Soundlabs, recording The Devil Makes Three, thinking ’bout Gypsy Punk…


We just recorded our first Luxury Wafers session at Kingsize Soundlabs in Eagle Rock (Los Angeles) today! In case you haven’t heard, Chessvolt Studios, the former home of Luxury Wafers Sessions, is rapidly becoming but a historic reflection as the countdown continues….9 days ’till the wrecking ball hits to make way for a new elementary [...]

“His Onstage Gyrations Made Elvis Look Like a PE Teacher”…RIP Jimi Hendrix


Luxury Wafers Exclusive Appetizer: Rural Alberta Advantage’s Nils Edenloff shares about new song, Barns’ Yard, Live on video plus live Mp3


Wholesome, humble, personable and rousingly talented, Canadian Americana singer/songwriter Nils Edenloff of The Rural Alberta Advantage shares on-camera about his song, Barns’ Yard. Rural Alberta Advantage – Barns’ Yard Story – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.   Listen to the Exclusive Live Track: Barns’ Yard [mp3] Keep tuning in for more RAA [...]

Ben Kweller Wuz Here…


“Things I Like To Do” Clip [mp3] Friends, they don’t come sweeter or more special than Ben Kweller. Kweller graciously swung by Luxury Wafers while on the LA leg of his recent tour, to lay down a few loveable tunes from his newest record, Changing Horses (ATO, 2009) and a healthy dose of his one-of-a-kind [...]

Mark Your Calendars, Grab a Ticket, Pack Your Bags – Monolith Festival is coming up!


The 3rd annual Monolith Festival is coming atcha. And soon. Hosted in an incomparable venue – nature’s perfectly sculpted outdoor amphitheater, Red Rocks, in Morrison, CO (just outside Denver) – Monolith Festival 2009 will bring 60+ of the hottest indie bands together with about 10,000 fans in this stunningly unparalleled setting, amidst rattlesnakes, scrub jays [...]

Les Paul dies today at age 94…So long and Thanks for the guitar


Les lays down a hot solo at NYC’s Iridium during his 85th birthday performance in 2000.The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise [mp3] Les Paul (born Lester William Polfuss on June 9, 1915), creator of the solid-body electric guitar, pioneer in modern recording techniques (electronic echo, studio multitracking) and guitarist extraordinaire has left our world [...]

Yim Yames, Tribute To: My Sweet Lord (mp3) and Monsters of Folk


My Sweet Lord [mp3] – Yim Yames Say Please [mp3] – Monsters of Folk Yim Yames, aka Jim James (My Morning Jacket), pays tribute to George Harrison in a lovely collection of 6 songs recorded in 2001, around the time of Harrison’s death. Go to Yim’s site to buy a download of Tribute To now. [...]

Summer Re-Treat: Heartless Bastards, Out At Sea (mp3), Exclusive Live Track


Out At Sea [mp3] “Wennerstrom’s attitude remains intensely torrential, yet her furnace burns even hotter internally, resulting in heavy wrath and a down vibe as weighty as an antique deep sea diver’s suit. All this from a tiny feminine package riddled mysteriously with bursts of testosterone – a figure who, in person, emits delicate fragility. [...]

Pitchfork Music Festival 2009, The Electrifying Conclusion


Do You Realize (mp3) – The Flaming Lips Enthusiasm For Life Defeats Existential Fear (mp3) – The Flaming Lips, Progressive Dixieland Mix #2 Canadian Girl (mp3) – The Walkmen Black Rice (mp3) – Women Photo by Martha WilliamsPitchfork Music Festival 2009, The Electrifying Conclusion by Bobby Cardos Entering the grounds Sunday afternoon, the park was [...]

Pitchfork Music Festival 2009, Day 2: Samples and Review


Plants and Animals Photo: Caroline Desilets In case we never hear back from our “Pitchfork Correspondent”, here’s a late take on what went down in the windy city yesterday: Saturday PitchforkFest Lineup: The National • Beirut • Doom • Yeasayer • Final Fantasy • The Pains of Being Pure at Heart • Fucked Up • [...]

James Brown Teaches You To Dance: “It’ll Blow Your Mind!”


Get to work, y’all! The song: If You Don’t Give A Doggone About It from Brown’s Mutha’s Nature. Thanks, John Wicks (rock it) for opening my eyes to this fun morsel of JB deliciousness!

Revisit Luxury Wafers Exclusive: Theresa Andersson, The Waltz


Spunky New Orleans One-Woman-Wonder, Theresa Andersson, exudes fun as well as jaw-droppingly prodigious talent. Visit her Live Luxury Wafers Session HERE, where you’ll find more video as well as exclusive mp3s. Theresa Andersson – The Waltz – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.  

Luxury Wafers Exclusive: New Cotton Jones Video – The Radio Slugger


A hauntingly beautiful duet from Cotton Jones, The Radio Slugger: Cotton Jones – The Radio Slugger – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.   Check out the Cotton Jones Luxury Wafers Session review with exclusive live tracks (mp3s) and more video HERE.

Long Live the King of Pop – Goodbye Michael Jackson


A tremendous, global musical icon of prodigious talent, Michael Jackson passed away today. What a sad moment in history. The King of Pop is dead. I cannot imagine this planet or my life without the radically profound mark Michael Jackson made here. He was one-of-a-kind.  May he rest in peace.

Photos from Bonnaroo 2009: King Sunny Ade, Elvis Perkins, Erykah Badu, Wilco, DBTs, Mike Farris, Renard and the Notorious Cadillac of Near Death


Erykah Badu at Bonnaroo 2009, photo by Benham Jones Erykah BAdu at Bonnaroo 2009, photo by Benham Jones Elvis Perkins at Bonnaroo 2009, photo by Benham Jones Elvis Perkins at Bonnaroo 2009, photo by Benham Jones King Sunny Ade at Bonnaroo 2009, photo by Benham Jones King Sunny Ade at Bonnaroo 2009, photo by Benham [...]

Benham Jones Reports: Bruce Springsteen -The Boss – at Bonnaroo


Wednesday, June 17, 2009 12:30 pm EST Back home in New York City but still writing in reverse? Whatever, whatever; it was really fucking busy at Bonnaroo and now its really fucking busy at home. I’m on my lunch break at the moment and I am still pretty exhausted. So the sun had set during [...]

Benham Jones on the Odyssey of Bonnaroo, pt8: WILCO and Smoke Rings


from WFUV’s photostreamSunday, June 15th 8:42 am CDT Yes, yes, yes; finally some peace. I’m currently at Nashville International at Charley’s (“Good Food, Good Times”) Steakhouse, waiting for my Ultimate Scrambler. It’s an unusual feeling returning to civilized society after Bonnaroo, especially here to BNA. I slept for about two and a half hours before [...]

Benham Jones Reports from Bonnaroo, pt 8: Elvis Perkins, Patterson Hood, Allen Toussaint, Renard, Booker T & the DBTs, Dearland, Mike Farris


Sunday, June 15th 10:54 am CDT Overcast this morning in Manchester and it’s easy to tell that everyone is both grateful and scared. It’s tough here when the sun really rises to snap at the concave of your knees or the back of the ears, so a dusky simulation is probably the sweetest morning salutation [...]

Text Dispatches from Benham Jones in the trenches at Bonnaroo: ‘Wilco in top form…a kid just passed out next to me’


In addition to a some hilarious, informative and interesting pieces, this is what we heard from Benham Jones, our Luxury Wafers Bonnaroo corresponsdent, via brief text messages yesterday (Saturday, Manchester time): 10:52 am: Alive. Walking to net access. 2:31 pm: Better fed better rested better time. 6:56 pm: Patterson Hood was just such a delight. [...]

Benham Jones Reports from Bonnaroo, pt 7: Ham&Cheese, Elvis Perkins, Jimmy Buffett, Drive By Truckers


Sunday, June 14th 3:20 pm CDT There have been some magic moments today at Bonnaroo, much moreso than yesterday, and I’m thinking that it might have a lot to do with the ham & cheese burrito that I treated myself to this morning. For example, when I was walking over to Elvis Perkins, away from [...]

Benham Jones on Sexuality at Bonnaroo: A Brief Thought (…pt6)


Sexuality at Bonnaroo: A Brief Thought The chickens and the roosters strut their stuff around Manchester, yes they do, yes they do. For such a filthy and decrepit environment, it’s strange how much romance flows through the mud here. I guess it’s a prime destination for lovers; roaming down Shakedown Street, it feels like everyone [...]

Benham Jones Reports, Unhinged at Bonnaroo…pt5: King Sunny Ade, TV on the Radio


Saturday, June 13, 2009 10:01 am CDT So I crashed really hard last night. I was doing my best to stay ahead of the curve, hydrated and happy, but then sometime around 7 o’clock, after I kicked up dust with King Sunny Ade and sat down to chat with Alberta Cross, my system just shut [...]

Benham Jones’ last dispatch from the Roo…


Via text messages (Manchester time): Friday 8 pm: ‘Too much’ followed by ‘King Sunny was the best’ Friday 10:17 pm: ‘Watching Beasties from a distance.’ Saturday 10:52 am: Alive That’s all we’ve got for now from the wild and wooly Bonnaroo frontier. Stay tuned…

Benham Jones at the Roo, pt 4: Mud and Animal Collective


Friday, June 12, 2009 4:20 pm CDT I really wasn’t feeling too sure of this whole thing, was feeling weak and out of my element, half hostile. But then Animal Collective spoke and reminded me why I came here. A band like Animal Collective on film really means nothing, and I was so far from [...]

Benham Jones Reports from Bonnaroo, pt 3: New Dirty Projectors, Portugal. The Man, Alberta Cross, Gomez


Friday, June 12, 2009 2:20 pm CDT Press orientation got over around high noon, so I grabbed some water and headed back into the big bad body of the festival. I caught the last little bit of a stripped down acoustic set from Portugal. The Man over at the Sonic Village stage. Separated from their [...]

Benham Jones on the ground (barely) and reporting: Fear and Loathing at Bonaroo….pt.2


Friday, June 12, 2009 11:00 am CDT Keith woke me up this morning around 7 am. I really had no idea who he was at first. We met up last night at the airport after I realized how fucked I was re: the press check-in and he realized how fucked he was re: a ride [...]