Luxury Wafers Fresh! Label

Featuring Spencer Livingston’s debut, GROW and Courtney Jones’ All The Things That Fall, out July 16, 2013!



Spencer Livingston/ GROW

Easygoing and thought-provoking, Spencer Livingston’s tunes cradle listeners in a sweet spot of alt-rock, folk-Americana

July 16th, 2013 Pre-Order HERE


Courtney Jones / All The Things That Fall

Smooth yet angsty, cleverly cerebral folk-pop.

“The songs shine with elegant, gorgeous melodies and Courtney’s absolutely perfect voice. What a triumph for Courtney Jones!” —Jim Nelson, KCSN

July 16th, 2013 Pre-Order HERE

Butch Norton and Peter Malick – Duets From The Spin-Dry Cycle

A whopping 18 unique instrumental tracks of percussion/guitar duets from veteran groove diggers, Butch Norton and Peter Malick.

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The Alternates/Spiders and Webs EP

Six distinctive and eloquently written Rock Americana nuggets.

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The Bentleys 4/4 EP

Playfully wild 4 song EP with heady lyrics to chomp on.

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Exciting!  More Coming Soon……