The Alternates – Spiders and Webs EP


“…our sound has developed like good barbeque … the sonic marination blends modern alternative soundscaping with throwback, telecaster-driven Americana.”- The Alternates

The Alternates’ Spiders and Webs EP drives the urge to grab a cold one and head over to the river on a sunbaked day with a pack of friends, innertubes and a loaded cooler. Or simply to drive and listen.

Laid-back yet pointedly aware, Spencer Livingston practically croons through songs that address alarming states of our worlds – both inner and outer – with gentle hope, while holding out the long notes like those nectarous last drips of sunlight at the end of a long, satisfying summer day.

Prone to thumping beats, crashing cymbals and occasionally extended guitar grooves in their powerful live shows, the gang of six, including two drummers, gathered at Peter Malick’s Pie and Tart Shop in LA, where together they refined and recorded this set of six distinctive and eloquently written Rock Americana nuggets. The result is nearly thirty minutes of substantial listening. Livingston’s voice shines with natural beauty at every turn.  All the nooks and crannys have value. Even the 7 1/2 min Metamorphosis wastes no space, kindly demanding your ear all the way through.

The Alternates have hit the nail on the head with this instant classic. Spiders and Webs is a diverse and surprisingly mature first release for these LA natives and longtime buddies.

Listen to the entire streaming EP HERE.

Spiders and Webs EP Tracklisting:

1) The Modern Way

2) Changing Course

3) Metamorphosis

4) Nature Of The Mind

5) Spiders and Webs

6) Slow and Steady

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